Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Seeking to amend gravity knife law

From CBS:

A new push has been launched to reform New York state law against gravity knives.

State Assemblyman Dan Quart (D-Manhattan) is pushing for amendments to the law, which is 50 years old.

The Village Voice reported the law was initially intended to ban large knives that resemble switchblades, but it has been applied in more recent years to common knives with folding blades that can be purchased at hardware stores.

[DA Cyrus] Vance’s office has said most gravity knife cases end with the cases being thrown out.


Anonymous said...

Why are our elected officials constantly finding the time to side with criminals thus putting the lives of law abiding taxpayers in danger? This putz has nothing better to do? Has he ever come up with legislation to make our lives safer?

(sarc) said...

The current laws must be a very good law!

And the law is not working.

I have read story upon story of knifings and stabbings over the past months.

For some reason, only the law abiding follow the law, and the criminals do NOT.

Who would have thought such a situation...

Molan Labe said...

the story is totally misleading and lacks background and facts

so this is just another law used to prosecute innocent people.
i got stopped and frisked over a cop that saw the clip holding my pocket knife.
knowing the law - it was legal, but a waste of my time!
all the law does is give the cops another reason to harass law abiding citizens.
and rack up arrest records for people who have no ill intent!!

NYPD's unique interpretation of Penal Code 265.01, almost every pocketknife on the market today can be considered a gravity knife.
if u can flick it open you are a felon.
that includes boxcutters.
so if your kid works somewhere stocking shelves and uses it at work, gets stopped when they see a clip, the kid will be fighting a FELONY for carrying a tool used to earn an honest living.

this is NOT legalizing switchblades or real WWII gravity knives, it only clarifies that if you can flick a knife open with the flick of a wrist you are not a FELON!

last year BOTH HOUSES OF THE LEGISLATURE PASSED a law to clear this up.
it passed the Assembly by a vote of 117 in favor with 12 against, and the Senate by a vote of 61 to 1.

not exactly controversial, wtf

our governor, who's more interested in running for president & showmanship than actually dong the work he was elected to do let the bill linger on his desk for 6 months and vetoed it on the last day of the year just so there was no time to override the veto.

LAST WEEK New York Gravity Knife Law Reform Bill, A.5667 passed in the Assembly by a vote of 128-1. This is the fourth year in a row that the Assembly has passed a bill to stop the abuse of the state’s gravity knife statute by New York City.

ONE VOTE AGAINST IN THE ENTIRE ASSEMBLY, those idiots can't agree on anything!

again just another tool for the NYPD to harass WE THE PEOPLE!

dont take my work for it, read the story here in the village voice, not exactly a conservative, law and order - lock everybody up type publication!

i'm shocked to find some common sense and balance there

How a ’50s-Era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail
by Jon Campbell

you can also follow the story at the Knife Rights website
send them a few bucks if think its a good idea

Anonymous said...

This is why i made damn sure that my leatherman tool's knife could NOT be flicked out before carrying it on the street.

Anonymous said...

Need to get the Governor and NYPD out of the permit picture and allow law abiding people carry loaded firearms if the wish to. (especially after passing a safety class)
Home invasion, armed robbery, muggings & stabbings is non existent in Texas because the criminals are scared to death of being blown away because almost EVERYBODY carry's guns. The criminals go to New York instead !!

And yes if a cop can open a knife with one hand with a gravity flick of the wrist, or finger your BUSTED !! And unless your a criminal with no money or bank account to get a public defender & probation you will need $5000 + for a lawyer.
New York knife and gun laws are total bullshit !

Anonymous said...

Abolish the strict guns laws and let people have guns for personal protection. This shit with criminals and street attacks is only going to get worse.
Your better off judged by 12 then carried off in a casket or body bag by six.

The thugs, gangs and criminals will always have guns & knives, the playing field needs to be even. Right now the scumbags have no deterrent and know most honest regular citizens are not armed and are free game.
The Governor, Mayor and Chuck Schumer travel with guns and they are not members of "recognized militia" so whats this bullshit double standard and shitting all over the US Constitution.
I'm told even the Governors girlfriend has a CCW permit and pistol so why cant regular citizens, mant elderly many who served in war with no criminal history get CCW permits to protect themselves when the police aren't around ?

Anonymous said...

An automatic or gravity knife not only gets you busted and a misdemeanor on your record but its not good for defense because you need to get to close to an assailant --who may then pull out a gun (and then your f-cked).

Easy way to deal with thugs & assholes with knives is a quick blast in the eyes is a mix of Diatomaceous earth(DE pool filter sand)and gravel. It drys the eyes closed and causes very painful temporary blindness immediately. Its also legal to carry.
I now always carry plastic baggie sewed into in a jacket or vest pocket when I have to go certain places.
Most important always be alert an aware of your surroundings when walking around parts of the city.
This is no longer 1964 and don't expect the police nor stupid laws will protect you.

Anonymous said...

Leatherman is pretty useless during an attack, they actually makes assailants more angry and likely to kill you. Do you know how long it takes to get a Leatherman tools blade out ? It takes TWO hands and by then you are sure to be struck and on the ground on your way to being dead.

Anonymous said...

It's about time they fixed this law. Absurd that the cops can just send you to jail for carrying your work tools; and that's not even getting into the self-defense aspect.

Gino said...

I'm an electrician and HVAC mechanic.
Some fat young arrogant a'O cop bust & arrest girlfriend and myself for bottle of wine and eating an apple with my grandfathers electrician's knife in Highland park. Its was a private picnic. (she called one of them fat and stupid in Italian) My grandfather used and carried that knife, a screwdriver & pliers the same way for 50 years. It took me 3 court hearing and SHITLOAD of $$ to get the case dropped to "open container" ticket and get the little black folding knife back.

Perhaps a clear law is needed because it appears all these new cops seem very stupid and out of shape to go after criminals. Its clear the knife & gun laws aren't the only thing broken here. How the hell are these new young cops passing the written tests let alone psychological and physical evaluations ??
No more tests, they just pass everybody ?

georgetheatheist said...

Crapper: I'd like to get some readers' experience and commentary on bear spray and/or pepper spray as defensive methods. Is bear spray more powerful than pepper spray? Also legality issues. Thanks folks.

Molan Labe said...

“What part of Shall Not Be Infringed Do You Not Understand”

some states understand it correctly, right now in 14 states, if you are a citizen of these United States, not a felon, no court orders, no orders of protection, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, and not a mental defect, you can carry a gun WITHOUT A PERMIT, THINK ABOUT THAT! so if you meet the above rules, are visiting a friend in Vermont and he gives you a gun to borrow, you can legally carry it throughout the state and take it to New Hampshire and Maine as well!
and 6 or more states will be added to the list in the next 3 years.

OBTW, for a residence permit in NYC there is NO, i repeat NO, NONE, NADA requirement for a safety class, lesson, certificate - nuthin'!

The NYPD gives you a 20 page booklet of nonsense when u get your pistol. it is all about regulations and rules that are not from any legislative process, just stuff that they come up with to jerk you around. forms to fill out, blah, blah blah.
for instance if you want to obtain a 5th gun, after you got jerked around the previous 4 times, you need to show a receipt for the gun-safe & picture with door open and closed. so you can have 4 guns without a safe, but that 5th one - oh my

so page 2 item # 14 and i quote "the licensee should endeavor to engage in periodic handgun practice at an authorized range or shooting club."

so go shootin' once in a while


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Leatherman is pretty useless during an attack,

A Leatherman is just that a tool.
I don't think anyone carries a Leatherman for self defense.

Anonymous said...

NYC and the State would do FAR better going after the 'visiting folks' that favor using a machete.

georgetheatheist said...

If one state does not recognize another state's gun possession regulations, why should one state recognize another state's abortion and homosexual marriage rules?

Anonymous said...

A residence permit or "premises permit" is only for your home and must be carried unloaded with ammo separate in a lock box when outside the home like when going to the range in NYC. And a whole bunch of other shit for inside the home. These laws are just INSANE.
Pepper and assorted bear sprays, electric and electronic incapacitation devices are illegal to carry in NYC.
It is a Class A misdemeanor with first offense fines of up to $1,000, up to one year in jail, or both.
N.Y. Penal §§ 265.01, 80.05, 70.15.

Remember laws in New York City are written only to protect illegals, politicians, judges, thugs, criminals and deadbeats (all one in the same in my opinion)

BTW: They go after the law abiding people with small knives for the $$ money the system needs. The electricians and innocent people getting popped for gravity knives are the cash cows the city needs to pay for the rest, public defenders, courts etc. . Like red light & speed cameras this knife laws will not be changed because it will bring a huge loss of money.

Gary W said...

Shhh GTA, you are not supposed to ask questions like that. Next thing you know you'll be asking yourself why you are forced to bake a cake for someone.

Anonymous said...

This comment about Texas is so stupid I can't believe a human being wrote it.

The FBI begs to differ:
"Houston’s robbery rate, at 233 per 100,000, is nearly double that of the top cities on the list. Its murder rate, as mentioned above, is 5.9 per 100,000. "


>> Anonymous Anonymous said...
>>> armed robbery, muggings & stabbings is non existent in Texas because the criminals are >>> scared to death of being blown away because almost EVERYBODY carry's guns.

Anonymous said...


Can you give an example of a someone not following the law that is law abiding?

>> Anonymous (sarc) said...
>> For some reason, only the law abiding follow the law

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to get some readers' experience and commentary on bear spray..."

If you are going hiking in bear habitat bring bear spray. Also, hike with someone you can trip and outrun.

Molan Labe said...

Hey georgetheatheist
i am surprised to be agreeing with you
maybe you are more of a true libertarian than you know

regarding pepper spray, nyc is effed up, you can legally have it, you just can't sell it
i give it as gifts!
i don't get it, but our electeds must be more brilliant than us

BUT, any kind of zapper, ie stun gun taser etc, THATS A FELONY!
go to jail and keep on paying!

I can't wait till Trump signs nat'l reciprocity for my gun license
heads will explode!

right now close to 30% of states have NO gun permit systems
SC & MI may be added to the list before years end!

Anonymous said...

bear spray and pepper spray are great
look for the highest Scoville Heat Units
one of the newer & better is Sabre Red Pepper gel
less blowback on windy days
remember just like the spices in the cupboard
pepper spay loses heat over time
replace every 2 years and check expiration
u want to stop an attacker not piss him off

Anonymous said...

Amend the law. More people will be murdered therefore cutting the population. Win win.

Anonymous said...

>Amend the law. More people will be murdered therefore cutting the population. Win win.

Criminals will carry knives no matter what.

Amending the law means more law abiding citizens will have the means to protect themselves, leading to less murders.

On top of how the law is mostly used to fine workingmen for carrying their tools.