Saturday, May 20, 2017

Senator Pothole

From the Queens Chronicle:

An immediate danger to drivers is posed by a sinkhole at 32nd Avenue and Union Street in Flushing, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) says. But the Department of Environmental Protection, under whose purview repairing it falls, is not remotely alarmed.

“This is a major intersection,” Avella told reporters. “One of these days, [the sinkhole] is going to entirely collapse.”

A bus route, he added, goes over the sinkhole, which is near a school and a library. And given the traffic that the intersection experiences, Avella wonders why the de Blasio administration doesn’t repair it: “What the heck does it take to finally get this fixed and get an answer from DEP?”

According to an agency spokesperson, a sewer at the Flushing intersection “is being inspected using a remotely operated television camera and once that work is complete any necessary repairs will be made.” He added that the agency is investigating what the nexus is between the sinkhole and the sewer.

The DEP also diverges with Avella on what to call the problem. “This is more of a roadway depression than a sinkhole,” the spokesperson said.


JQ LLC said...

Madison Ave recently got milled and paved with new asphalt. It took less than a week.

woodside guy said...

whatever it is let's hope it gets fixed before someone is injured or killed here

Anonymous said...

I wish they would fix and level the manhole cover sticking way up above the pavement at Jewel Avenue & Main Street in KGH. If you don't know about it and proceed at normal speed, you could rip out the underbelly of your car.

Anonymous said...

This is two blocks from my is a chronic problem that continues to get worse. Part of the problem is that there is a natural spring (now underground) in that immediate vicinity which may be impacting the intersection in addition to shoddy repairwork.

A complete rebuild of the street needs to happen before the situation will get better, and that is going to cause massive traffic problems at that intersection.

Paul Graziano

Anonymous said...

Have a news story where an illegal immigrant is inconvienced by the sink hole and you will see how fast the city will fix it. If a regular tax paying citizen complains nothing will get done.

"Anonymous Source" said...

Either somebody wants to be paid off AND/OR somebody has to die (pay the ultimate price) BEFORE the city will even consider fixing such a trifling problem. Want to take care of it privately? Punitive fines and lawsuits coming your way even if you or your contractor did a better job than the city employees or city contractors ever would. NYC modus operandi

Anonymous said...

After paying a bill of $1500 for a rack/pinion repair on the frontend of my used AUDI, I began calling 311"POTHOLE REPAIR". responding within 3 days,but theymust not have the permission to repair UNCALLED HOLES ,in the vicinity of N.E.Queens. WHY NOT...Do they not have an INSPeCTION AGENT to smooth out our local streets/boulevards ?

Bayside streets are like small caves ,in case they are reading.
Why all the local st. speed bumps? OK in front of P.S.'S.Some one must be getting huge kickbacks for the pols.