Thursday, May 18, 2017

Think tank's bright idea for Sunnyside

From Crains:

A Manhattan think tank is pushing a plan to end the misery of Penn Station commuters, who are having an especially horrid month, by recasting the West 34th Street hub as just another stop for New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road, rather than the terminus for both. Having trains pass through the station instead of stopping and turning around, which results in a daily traffic nightmare, would also open up possibilities beyond alleviating congestion.

Part of the idea, named ReThinkNYC, calls for moving rail yards in Sunnyside, Queens, to the Bronx. That way a major new transit hub could be built on the Queens site, connecting the region’s commuter lines and the subway system for a fraction of the cost of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to build a deck over Sunnyside Yards. With that kind of transit access, a business district could sprout up around the station, taking advantage of a 280-acre blank canvas across the East River from the most expensive office towers in the city.


(sarc) said...

A "think tank".

People who spend their entire lives with agreeable colleagues, and spent their entire existence in academia, never accomplishing anything substantive, but are considered by too many, "experts".

I am sure this organization has the best interests of the residents in mind!

Who is pay this "think tank"?

Follow the moneys...

Anonymous said...

But is anyone investigating why, all of a sudden , service has deteriorated? There's something else going on here that needs to be exposed.

Res Ipsa said...

Service has deteriorated because we have infrastructure that is at or near the end of its useful life and not being maintained. On top of that we decided to add tens of thousands more people to depend on this failing infrastructure....and we ain't seen nothing yet.

kapimap said...

If what i am reading is correct, can they get the lirr to go into jersey and nj transit into queens?

This will be an incredable feet! This will make life easier for thousands of commuters, give the ability to link with amtrak at sunnyside, but that pitt, about 200 feet below is a long way down. Is there another location currently, where amtrak and the lirr meet?

Anonymous said...

There are too many people in the city now, the system can't handle it. Why doesn't anybody realize that all this over building is a strain on the system.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Brilliant! Long overdue. Boston has three Amtrak stations but we only one.

Anonymous said...

Cant go 200 feet down its all former swamp and in the water table.
These people are crazy, you know it will cost and take 4X more then projected when the problems start happening.
You would need HUGE pumps running 24-7 and should they fail for whatever emergency, EMP, grid attack 100,000 people dead.
These people are crazy.
Anyway who takes Amtrack ? Unless you have big $$ for the Acela the regular trains are so bad you sit hours to go 100 miles. This screaming kids, mothers changing diapers and stinky people who haven had a shower in 35 or more hours.
Hell no !!

Anonymous said...

because the mayor and JVB want more kickbacks in their pockets - this is why