Thursday, June 1, 2017

Developer wants to build on kids' playground

From NBC:

Plans to build a 47-story high-rise on top of a playground on the Upper East Side has residents upset: a developer wants to place it smack in the middle of the Holmes Towers public housing complex. Erica Byfield reports.


Gary W said...

What the government giveth, the government can taketh.

JQ LLC said...

Why this hasn't been as big a scandal as the Rivington House plunder is astounding. This is actually worse because it is going to disrupt and displace people already living there, at least Rivington was unused.

And as NYCHA perennially and clearly intentionally lets their buildings rot from mismanagement and neglect, De Faustio's lowlife donor gets to dwarf the buildings already standing and get a big century tax break (How the hell does this work, does he think he's going to spawn a big family tree of entitled trust fund babies?)

All of these people, our corrupt mayor, that technocrat Shoya Oilyotae, and that wretched developer donor are soulless monsters.

And NBC should stop wasting time doing local news, this story is super late and the segment is super short, 2 minutes for something this devastating to the community and environment? It's become a joke.

Anonymous said...

And assholes wonder why traffic is heavy and public transportation is can't put 5 quarts in a gallon container......

Anonymous said...

They are going to build a building on top of children ?

Anonymous said...

They are going to build a building on top of children ?

look how vallone's variety club in astoria took away the kid's playground to cover costs cause the movers and shakers of astoria no longer give back to the community.

queens is the lab for the rest of the city. if it works here it might work there.