Friday, June 9, 2017

EDC won't give up on Sunnyside Railyards

From the Queens Chronicle:

When the New York City Economic Development Corp. released a feasibility study on building over sections of the Sunnyside Yard railroad facility in February, EDC officials knew they would have a massive public outreach campaign ahead of them.

On Tuesday morning, Nate Bliss, senior vice president at the EDC, was doing just that at a breakfast hosted by the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

The 209-page study lays out the case for erecting apartment buildings, office towers, schools, commercial and open space on platforms that could be constructed above 70 acres of the 180-acre site, which has been a rail yard since 1910.

Portions of the yard are controlled by Amtrak, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New Jersey Transit. All work would be done while allowing a fully operational rail yard to continue, and the EDC back in February estimated the cost at between $16 and $19 billion.

But the EDC, with plenty of support from City Hall, believes such a project is doable both from technical and economic aspects, and worth examining further.

“It isn’t often that you can come across 180 acres to develop in New York City,” Bliss said. He said the potential for job growth and economic development are huge.

Based on priorities, such a project could bring 14,000 to 24,000 residential units to the site over time. Bliss said the study accounts for the space and money needed for the schools, roadways and green space that would be required.

The illustrated 209-page report and a 22-page summary can be read or downloaded online at


Anonymous said...

There is nothing in their entire 200+ page study about transportation. I've checked.

West Queens is already going to see population growth of around 40k with no new transit options. Now they want to double or triple that by building over the yard - again with no new plans for how any of these people will get around.

No mention of how the area has no hospital. No mention of how the NYPD 108pct. covers one of the largest geographic areas in the city and how this would increase it's burden. Not even a mention of reopening the firehouse that Bloomberg closed on the edge of the yard.

This study is a real estate developer's wet dream, while offering literally no critical services upon which actual LIFE depends.

When is this going to end?

I predict it won't. Those of us paying attention to this bullshit will do what past generations have: we'll flee the city and find greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you see anything touting job growth, it means a royal screwing is in the works.

Anonymous said...

JVB wants this in the worse way and he lies and says he does not he is so full of S__T

Anonymous said...

Hurray, another huge public land grab for billionaire real estate developers!

Anonymous said...

As they increase the number of apartments in Queens, where are all these people getting jobs?

Anonymous said...

Of course not because there is huge money to be made here.
Gotta be persistent in kicking their ass until victory is acheived like the one at Willets Point recently.
If the Wilpons got fucked royally, so can the EDC!