Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LPC unexpectedly calenders Old St. James Church

Looks like the vote was unanimous. What took you guys so long?

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Snake Plissskin said...

There is no doubt that this is warranted and that the community, as the rest of Queens, has not only been systematically denied Landmarking, but has all but been ignored (if not belittled) by the White Tie and Spats NYC landmark community.

The fact that this is a law on the books. Our representatives in Queens routinely help pass designation for that hoodie-toodie set while denying their communities the same protection, is adding fuel to dark comments made here (and elsewhere) that the law should be overturned throwing everyone into the water with the sharks.

This might have played a role here.

Push back people! Demand value for your taxes! If Landmark designation is not equally shared by all communities that are supporting it from their taxes, and the preservation community is not sharing advice or helping Queens, demand the law be removed.

Find a developer that would be more than happy to assist.

You would see a change overnight in Queens. PLAY HARDBALL PEOPLE!