Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hassan chopped!

From DNA Info:

The city has suspended the contractor and superintendent in charge of a work site where a construction collapse last week trapped and seriously injured three workers, officials announced Wednesday.

Ideal Builders and Construction and its superintendent Fazal Hassan were suspended following the June 20 incident at 31-25 28th Road, where the Department of Buildings accused the company of "cutting corners" while building a third-story addition on an existing home.

Officials say Hassan allowed crews to "improperly" load cinder blocks and other heavy equipment onto the newly built third floor, which wasn't stable enough to support the weight.

The floor collapsed, sending the materials crashing through the building's second and first floors, trapping and critically injuring three construction workers, including one man who was pinned under the debris for nearly two hours.

Officials say Hassan — the construction superintendent at the site, as well as at 10 other projects in the city — should have first had an engineer assess the third floor to make sure it was structurally sound.

The DOB is in the process of shutting down work at more than 60 construction sites that Hassan is associated with, according to a spokesman.


Anonymous said...

Crappy, I realize this is your blog, but I don't understand why you'd caption this with an unrelated middle-eastern trope just because the guy has an Iranian name. The article itself already includes an image, and you've never engaged in this kind of caricature before. Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Suspended with pay or without?

Queens Crapper said...

Dear offended one:

Anyone who watched Bugs Bunny cartoons as a kid knows about Hassan Chop. It was a play on words. Get a grip.

S.O.L said...

ikity akity oop a azigaty zagity oop a a! Flippity Flappity Floop. It’s yours.

Anonymous said...

Great cartoons-- all those Mel Blanc Bugs Bunnys'. Thanks for the memories. And did that guy up top really use the word "trope". Wow, edumicated.

Anonymous said...

Can we please see a list of all elected officials who had their pockets lined by this sleeze-ball?

Anonymous said...

>The article itself already includes an image, and you've never engaged in this kind of caricature before. Please reconsider.

Are we really going to have PC SJW censorship on here? Come on, this is a place for people to vent, for people to say nasty things, and you're getting upset over a Bugs Bunny reference?

JQ LLC said...

S.O.L. beat me to it

ikity akity oop

Floop floop zikt ackh ackh.

That title cracked me up immensely, crappy. As did the resulting schadenfreude at that stupid developer.

As for the first commentor, satire is fair game. This is not Turkey, yet.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I doubt he's been there more than a few times. If his name is on this many projects, he either just signs the paper work to be the super onsite or the owner pays his under the table to use his license.

also i bet none of the workers have any OSHA training.