Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tenants forced to use fire escape to enter building

From PIX11:

Tenants of an Upper West Side five-story walk-up were briefly forced to use the fire escape to access their apartments after their landlord told them about plans to renovate the building’s only staircase.

The Department of Buildings has since issued a stop work order on the West 83rd Street building after the tenants, some of whom are elderly, had an emergency meeting with Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal.

The situation was even worse for some tenants. They don't have access to the fire escape from their apartment.


Anonymous said...

If this was on Staten Island, James Oddo could care less if he got donations from the landlords or if the tenants were Muslim or black or spanish.

Anonymous said...

Monica gets it done !!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be this incompetent?

JQ LLC said...

How can anyone be this sadistic? What were these scumlords thinking? That nothing will be said, this is on the upper west side of Manhattan and they are senior citizens. It's not only the horrible optics in attempting this act of attrition but pretty brainless. Really, if you are trying to force them to leave, how the hell are they suppose to move their things?

kapimap said...

This is pure discrimination and harrassment. Form of egress must always be avaliable.

This should be a 1 day job. Have the stair parts ready on day of demo. 1 crew for demo, 1 crew for assembly.

What the hell do you think will happen of ems has to come and save a life, but they cant?

Anonymous said...

THen it is a fire ENTRANCE, a gate to hell, so where is Cerberus?