Sunday, June 11, 2017

More crap development coming to Rockaway

Good evening,

I was heading home after checking out the completed boardwalk/sidewalk and got on the 116th station in Rockaway and heading for the shuttle train I saw some interesting new development next to the tracks. I assume this is up your alley (no pun intended) of your expertise because it looks like the header photo on your blog.
Then there is this piece in the Rockaway Times, a local newspaper passing for a real estate brochure, about some group tied to a developer involved in building some pretentious hip hotel. They are trying to beautify the development around them by painting over the green fencing and also trying to get ferry commuters to get loaded in a beer garden in a filthy construction site.
This reminds me of what Slate Properties tried to do in Ridgewood with Rockaway Brewery a year ago. Without the sand of course.
What did you say a few days ago when you posted about that terrorist conspirator that we live in a bizarro city. Well, these mental patients trying to turn these dirt yards into tourist attractions are validation of that.



JQ LLC said...

Check out the link at the top of the page and you will see that they are already selling condos at the new 116 luxury tower complex. There is not even one brick laid down yet.

These people have all gone mental.

Those balconies there, they face the station platform. Why on earth would you want a view of that, unless they project that Rockaway is going to look like Miami Beach or Malta in 5 years and the tenants will yell at their drunk friends waiting for the S after a wild night of downing jaeger shots.

Anonymous said...

No doubt it will be all section 8, link advantage, housing advantage or some other cooked up name for housing subsidies. There will be lots of children and not a father in sight. Until the lease is signed, then the men will move in after about a month or two and not contribute one penny to household upkeep. I've seen it happen time and again.

Mostly likely a fair portion of leases will be given to non profit agencies and the apartments will be doubled and tripled up with vulnerable population such as mentally retarded and drug addicts just out of prison. In one such apartment further east, a retarded Haitian man lives. He would sit out on his stoop all day long until he wandered off the block and became a crack head. Now he begs for change on Rockaway Beach Boulevard by Beach 90th Street across from the post office.

The Rockaway Times is a mere propaganda sheet to make one think that Rockaway is not a drug infested ghetto. The biggest advertisers are real estate agents.

Beach 98th and Beach 99th are Bayview Towers, subsidized housing. Look around at all the subsidized housing. The new building on the shore front and Beach 94th Street was built with government money. One of the crack heads who picks up cans and bottles to pay for his crack will be living in one of those apartments soon. What is wrong with this picture?

Go to Beach 87th Street- Hammel Houses, NYCHA if you dare. Less than 15 blocks away is another NYCHA project, all the way down to Mott Avenue you've got NYCHA projects. There's subsidized housing going up on the ocean side too.

Averne by the Sea? More like Ghetto by the Sea. And don't forgot who looted after the hurricane. The projects emptied out to rob, steal and terrorize.

They are destroying Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

Rockaway had so much potential only to be blown away by our elected officials.
What a shame...

Anonymous said...

Go around NYC to the other boroughs - and what to you see? 2017.

Go around Queens - and what do you see? 1970.

The city is cleaning itself up - pride in community, empowerment by its civics, cooperation between all parties (well yes, the real estate sector is always a problem but, when pressed, everyone will admit to things being better - on the whole.)

In the hole, Queens, the borough is dysfunctional from top to bottom. Go to Brooklyn and tell them that everyone on the library board got replaced, that civics are ignored and dead or subsidized mouth pieces, that culture is shaped by party outreach, and the only thing in town is to go from one money laundering LLC to the next for the latest in dining pleasure - until you figure out that its all pretty much the same crap served on the same plates by the same people - no matter what the name is over the door (this month).

But try to find a lightbulb.

And yes, the last slums in NYC - which are not only spreading, but will soon sprout from the flimsy towers on the toxic waterfront, to the ethnic ghettos funded by international plutocrats hustling money out of their countries into Queens real estate and US Citizenship visas.

The rich have towers they don't really live in, but are simply a NYC addresses, and are places to send money to from the shadows - secure in their purchase of the Democratic Party that will favor them over you and me every time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, It Looks EXACTLY like the housing in Ukraine by the automotive and government factory's.