Saturday, June 17, 2017

Questions about new construction on Jericho Turnpike

From the Queens Chronicle:

Richard Hellenbrecht loves Bellerose. And he warns a four-story building going up at Jericho Turnpike and Little Neck Parkway could be a nightmare for drivers in the neighborhood.

“We were asking for the [Department of Transportation] to do a study or at least a review on it,” Hellenbrecht, the executive vice president of the Queens Civic Congress, told the Chronicle. “Because that particular point on Little Neck Parkway is very busy.”

According to a DOT spokesperson, the agency did not analyze the intersection — which has a traffic light — for the impacts of the development.

The Bellerose resident, who is a member of Community Board 13, is also concerned about what the future of the community facility planned at the site will be.

“The big question is, will they maintain the community facility?” he added. “Even if they start with the community facility, will they maintain it or replace it with regular offices?”

Seventy-eight parking spots are planned, according to the website of AB Capstone, the site’s developer.

Hellenbrecht said the firm developing the property has repeatedly ignored requests from CB 13 to meet with board members. However, he said that the board’s Land Use Committee did speak with the real estate broker for the site.


Anonymous said...

Alas, the once pristine, Queens County city of Bellerose should now be named 'HELLROSE,' in disgraced recognition of all grinding political greed and undeserved ambition (at We, The Taxpayer expense), in addition to the Third World 'hell' that it has been slowly transformed into by the 'NAKED GREED' of all ugly-and-politically-failed leadership, which is a form of mental illness for which there IS no cure!

In fact, even many Third World countries are in better shape than the ever decaying Bellerose of modern day destruction. It's truly a Greek Tragedy tale that will end with Shakespearean portent, as the poor little hamlet of Bellerose itself now embodies all of the greed and betrayal of King Lear——and, the political maliciousness and destruction of Richard III!

❝The nihilism and rage sweeping across the globe are not generated by warped ideologies or medieval religious beliefs. These destructive forces have their roots in the obliterating of social, cultural and religious traditions by modernization and the consumer society, the disastrous attempts by the United States to carry out regime change, often through coups and wars, and the utopian neoliberal ideology that has concentrated wealth in the hands of a tiny cabal of corrupt global oligarchs.❞ —Chris Hedges, The Age of Anger

❝I think that our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think that we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends. I think that they are all insane. But, I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what is insane about it. Don't you agree?❞ —John Lennon

Anonymous said...

$185,000 salary ????!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The developers are slick. This building will look nothing like the original picture that was displayed in the beginning at the site. Traffic sucks now at this corner, forget about it once the building is finished.