Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bulk trash piling up

From Brooklyn Daily:

The Department of Sanitation must switch over to an appointment system to pick up large junk piling up on Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights streets, say angry locals.

New garbage trucks rolled out into the area last fall as part of the city’s organics program, but the waste haulers’ separate compactors for recyclables and garbage mean less room for bulky items — which are accumulating on curbs. And the city’s lack of response is turning the area into a garbage obstacle course.

From October 2016 to mid-June, 311 has logged more than 760 missed pick up complaints for “bulk” trash — anything bigger than four feet by three feet — on top of nearly 200 calls to Community Board 10’s office from residents grousing about garbage.

But the city could nip the situation in the bud if it implemented an appointment system where residents could request curbside bulk pickup, similar to the department’s electronic waste pilot program, which at the moment is only available in Staten Island.

And the problem is actually worse than city data lets on, because 311 will not accept calls about missed bulk collection until the following Sunday before a given block’s last garbage collection day of the week. This reporter was told by a 311 operator that she could not log a complaint about a sofa — that had already been on the curb for nearly two weeks — on Thursday because policy is to wait until at least 8 am on Sunday.


Karnac said...

Wanna bet this problem gets addressed by the fall? I predict just before Election Day.

Anonymous said...

In my neighborhood recycling is a once-a-week thing, yet due to recycle regs it's easily twice as much as "regular" trash... I almost feel like recycling should be twice a week and regular should be once - add to that the recycle includes organic, which gets pretty noxious very quickly - miss a pick up and the house becomes unlivable!

BTW, that mattress in the photo may never be picked up: it's not properly sealed and Sanitation workers do not want to be exposed to bed bugs, so they won't touch it.

Anonymous said...

the illegal apartments have something to do with all this household furniture garbage. Bay Ridge is the best place for garbage picking.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to vote DeBlasio out. He actually is making it harder for people to live in this once great city.

Anonymous said...

Guess they are trying to compete with jamaica!

Anonymous said...

The rise in illegal immigrants has all to do with this. It won't be long before some dude in an old GMC van will stop and pick it up and resell it as new.

Anonymous said...

Nya, that's just homeless housing