Sunday, June 18, 2017

Band of cell phone thieves in Ozone Park area

From CBS2:

A Queens father is calling for action Saturday after his son was robbed of his cellphone as he walked home from school, and police say it’s part of a growing trend in the area.

“It is very, very important to get them off the street,” Anthony Pedraza told CBS2’s Dave Carlin in an exclusive interview.

Pedraza says his mission is to let other parents in Ozone Park, Queens know that cellphone thieves are brazenly finding their victims in the daytime and heartlessly picking on youngsters. The latest victim was his 12-year-old son, Greysen.

The seventh grader said the man who robbed him, along with three accomplices, confronted him Wednesday after school. Greysen had gotten off a city bus and was in a shopping center that fronts South Conduit Avenue.

The robbers made their move as he was walking on a dirt path to get to his house.

“I went to walk away and when I was crossing over the conduit, they came up to me and said they had a gun in a book bag and give me your phone,” he said.

They took his iPhone, and nothing else. Greysen tried the “find my phone” feature, but had no luck.


JQ LLC said...

Thugs need a gun to rob 12 year old. 4 of them.

I wonder if these walking piles of shit are dwelling at the shelter comfort inn just a half a mile north from that intersection.

I have a proposal, how about appointing a personal cell phone/ social media mayor for better outreach and protection for all of the citizens who used them.

...these are the worst of times

georgetheatheist said...
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georgetheatheist said...

Happy Fathers Day. (Surprised to see reporter Dave Carlin with no earring and hip-hop BB cap.)

Captain Renault said...

“It is very, very important to get them off the street,”



Anonymous said...

"The latest victim was his 12-year-old son, Greysen."
Why would a 12-year old need a cell phone? Isn't too young to have one?

rikki said...

What morons, why do you need an expensive phone a 12? give him a cheap flip or so old smart phone no one will steal it

just like i drive a 20 yr old car with the original CASSETTE player no one has ever broken into my car.

Anonymous said...

Alas, We, The People continue to be robbed in broad daylight by the do nothing, vastly overpaid, city council member-politicians (not public servants!), every day for the past 50 years, and counting (as crickets chirp instead of peasant, I mean, constituent activism).

Case in point: Now, wasn't it 'The Dope From Park Slope' himself who approved an even higher raise to the entirely worthless city council last year (a whopping 38%, which bumped salaries from 112,000 to 165,000 per year)? And, for the second time since 2009 (when Czarina Christine Quinn was in charge of all city council corruption, graft and greed), the raise was publicly unauthorized, where no public referenda prevailed (this is democracy?)! THAT'S GRAND LARCENY!

But, once again, there is silence and complicity from the 'SHEEPLE' of Ozone Park (and beyond)!

In the end, the rampant-and-petty-crime at the bottom is a 'Cause & Effect' because of the rampant, OPENLY PRACTICED crimes against humanity that City Hall and Albany have foisted on to our stymied, flummoxed, fed up and disgusted taxpayers', since even before Mario's crooked son and former Mayor Abe Beame took office. Collectively, City Hall and Albany are filled with what I correctly refer to as: CRIMES WITHOUT CRIMINALS!

Worry about THAT debacle FIRST, 'SHEEPLE,' and the cell phone theft will disappear!

Tony Notaro said...

I wonder if this type of thing would happen if Ozone Park were still Whi----oh never mind, I think I know the answer.

ozrican said...

I swear I just can't with these people. Enough is enough, the first one's to cry victim. Give me a damn break, no justice no peace. hahaha

Anonymous said...

--I know the answer

Yep, not only would it never have happened but the usual suspects that did it would have never been lurking around the neighborhood to start with.
It was the same way in lower Ridgewood where many enforcers lived before Rudy G Fffed up everything allowing the street thugs & Albanians to take over.

Anonymous said...

So you can reach them when practice is over or reach them anywhere .

My 10 year old has phone and I never thought I'd get a 10 year old a phone until I had a kid.

We also haven't had a land line for many years .

>>Why would a 12-year old need a cell phone? >>. Isn't too young to have one?

Anonymous said...

Its not a matter of a cellphone to make calls &text, its WHY does a kid need a $800 iphone with a all the bullshit apps. Its it to play games make tweets & Facebook when he is in school learning something. (As in learning something other then the latest Arianna Grande tweet about her dog shitting on the floor OR WHATEVER)

Is the latest $800 Iphone with unlimi[[
needed to show off and be cool when a $75-125 Samsung can do the same shit ?

Anonymous said...

""So you can reach them when practice is over or reach them anywhere"

Bullshit get them a 4 watt Walmart GMRS talkie. If your 12 year is more then 2 blocks away you shouldn't have kids period.
To many (epidemic) of bad parents in this stinkin city sitting home watching naked Island TV & people hitting balls with sticks & feet as unsupervised pre-teens are out on the street getting into gangs, drugs and trouble.

JQ LLC said...

I detest these iphones and the majority of people's habits when they use them, but let's not blame the victim here. The target should be those 4 lowlifes. Cellphone theft has grown immensely in the past few months, and a lot of them don't even take much effort. Just ask an oblivious user for the time and he or she will look at his or her phone and then YOINK, phone's gone. These thieves work in packs too, as in this case. A lot of elderly people are getting jumped and hurt physically for their cellphones too.

These fiends steal cheaper samsungs too. It's not the apps or the social networking bullshit, it's the data they want, the personal information.