Tuesday, June 6, 2017

BDB now claims he really didn't want OLR honored at parade

From CBS 2:

The mayor, who is running for reelection, was asked repeatedly if he would join Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Goya Foods, the New York Yankees, AT&T, Coca-Cola, and many others in refusing to participate. Each time, he said he would march.

“I’m going to do everything I would normally do with the parade,” de Blasio said on May 19.

But on Monday, de Blasio said he was just being “diplomatic.”

The mayor claimed he had privately voiced concerns to parade organizers about López Rivera – whose sentence for sedition, armed robbery, and conspiracy to transport explosives was commuted after 36 years by President Barack Obama.

The mayor said to get the parade committee to sever ties with López Rivera, he privately threatened not to march.

“I made it clear to them that I was uncomfortable with the situation and I wanted them to resolve it,” de Blasio said, “but if it wasn’t resolved, I wasn’t going to be comfortable being a part of it.”

The mayor said he didn’t make his efforts public because “sometimes to get something done, you hold your tongue in public.”


Anonymous said...

But yet a couple of years ago, he REFUSED to march in the st Patrick's day parade because they did not want gays in it. Yet he marched in the carribean day parade even though in the carribean they will beat a gay person to death right in the middle of the street. Now, he wants to march in a parade that promotes a terrorist. Here's an idea, let's save taxpayers some money and get rid of ALL PARADES except for the Thanksgiving day parade and then NOBODY can complain. We waste too many tax dollars on these boring things anyway, not to mention that at the pr parade and carribean day parades, someone always ends up getting shot or raped even with the police being there. We can use the money we save from hiring more cops and garbage men for these days and put it towards something more useful.

Anonymous said...

Look, there is plenty of reason to hate the mayor, but he never openly supported OLR, had a legitimate need to appear in that parade, stated that he would not be marching with OLR, and probably had some influence given his position on getting OLR's invitation rescinded. Let's stay focused on the rrally egregious reasons to not vote in BdB.

Anonymous said...

Did someone finally explain to deBlas the difference between pardoned and commuted?

JQ LLC said...

You think the mayor, this stupid fucking idiot, was some lower echelon city employee trying to go along without risking his livelihood to express his feelings. He's the goddamn mayor! Gutless.

Listen to the words of De Faustio

"in order to get things done, you got to hold your tongue"

This can easily apply to his lack of response and action to his predatory developer donors his agents of the city/wormtongued lobbyists to get his affordable housing scheme going and even his horrendous pandering to hasidic sects in Brooklyn to get their votes and overlook their disgusting birth rituals and building violations for their schools.

Now lets stay focused on the egregious reasons, if those above weren't enough.

Primary De Faustio

Anonymous said...

Revising history to suit the present. Maybe his surname can become a verb, as in, "Hillary continues to de Blasio the reasons why she lost the election."

Anonymous said...

Another lifelong politician who learned at the foot of the queen, her majesty Hillary.

Not a word out of his mouth is true.

Pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Do not believe this Comrade mayor.What is the difference between him & the mayor of
London? One foot.

Anonymous said...

Trying to walk and straddle both sides of the picket fence....as BDB has been doing on all issues with the voters...eventually will give him a wooden picket up his ass!

Anonymous said...

Herr Wilhelmina is despicable.