Saturday, June 10, 2017

L train outage = M trains go to Upper East Side

"Here's one for you:

For the L Train Shutdown, the MTA is not planning on increasing M service to LIC/Court Square (where a huge influx of G train riders will be trying to transfer and continue to Manhattan).

Instead, they will be sending the M train to the Upper East Side late nights and weekends - cutting the service to Court Square in half.

This is also a continuation of their draconian cuts to Queens Blvd service when they killed the V train and cut the G back to Court Square.

This is purely a move born of cheapness - they can save a few pennies by not having to run the M all the way to Forest Hills.

Check out page 19 of their pdf for the proof.

No Queens representatives are doing anything about this of course. Literally no one cares about Queens commuters." - anonymous


JQ LLC said...

The needs of the tower people with Manhattan skyline and water views exceeds the needs of the citizenry east of them.

It looks nobody's using the plentiful Citibikes to cross the bridge.

Aside from that, it's just another black mark for the worst transit system in the fucking universe.

Time to tag the trains again. Start with "Fuck the MTA".

Anonymous said...

that is because the queens electorate are doing nothing to keep the politicians in line while they are being treated like crap by the queens leadership.

1. they're only role is to provide an anti-trump chorus,

2, to fill up the cheaply built waterfront high rises built by campaign donors in neighborhoods (as LIC) with inadequate infrastructure and

3, to patronize eateries which wastes their money (that should be used to pay off crushing college debt) in those silly themed money laundering LLCs that are killing business districts.

go into the other boroughs, people, and walk around. now go back to 1970 in queens where time has stood still. how much crap are you going to accept before you wake up?

my money is that you will put up with anything - therefor deserving anything they do to you.

Anonymous said...

Upper east side yuppies get favored over Queens. What else is new in Queens' 3rd rate status as a borough? And you sheeple voters keep on electing officials WHO DO NOT REALLY REPRESENT the Vallones, Van Bramer, etc. who only represent their own best interests.
Wise up or continue to get screwed! Or is that asking too much of our dull populace?

(sarc) said...

Perhaps after a bit of self reflection, one may see the results of a one party system!

Has anyone taken a stroll on Chicago's South Side, and lived to tell of it?

I hear that in Detroit houses can be purchased for one dollar of US currency.

" Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

What would an intelligent person expect???

Anonymous said...

Bikes, bikes and more bikes.

The loneliest part of a city street is the bike lane.

ETU said...

I think this has something to with the fact that due to constant construction along the QBL on nights and weekends, the M simply cannot operate on QBL: there are too many services. Turning trains at Queens Plaza is a no-go, it will interrupt E and R trains and it's not like the Holiday train so don't even compare it to that, because that's ONE train compared to the many M trains that would be serving Queens if such a plan were to be implemented. I'm not justifying the M going to 96th Street, but I understand why they're doing it.

Anonymous said...

The M doesn't run to Court Square on nights and weekends, it ends at Essex St on the Lower East Side. Court Square isn't losing any service.

Queens Crapper said...

I think someone failed to grasp the point the contributor was making...there will be an influx of riders at Court Square and instead of providing service with the M train which runs on that line, the MTA is sending it up the east side.

Anonymous said...

If James Oddo was the Queens borough president, the M will certainly run to queens. He may be the scum of the earth, but he will do more than the Queens pols.