Saturday, June 24, 2017

Illegal conversion vacated in Brooklyn

From Brooklyn Reporter:

A number of people have been displaced after city officials issued an immediate vacate order on an illegally converted home in Dyker Heights on Thursday evening, June 22.

The property – 1317 73rd Street – was one of four sites initially reported by local residents that were visited Thursday evening by the city’s illegal conversions task force which, sources say, were able to gain access to the building and deem its living conditions an “immediately hazardous situation.”

According to a source who was at the scene, the property’s basement “was all chopped up [to create living quarters for its residents] with the exit from the basement in the front of the house sealed off.” In addition, the source said, the property’s driveway was lined with buckets, presumably being used by residents to relieve themselves as the basement had only two bathrooms.

Upon arrival, a spokesperson for the Department of Buildings (DOB) told this paper, inspectors observed an illegally constructed apartment in the cellar of the property with its own unpermitted gas and plumbing lines. The agency issued a vacate order “due to a lack of two means of egress, the illegal gas lines and insufficient ventilation in the apartment.”

According to DOB officials, five people were determined to be living in the basement unit of the building, all of whom were offered relocation assistance by the American Red Cross. The apartments on the first or second floor of the building did not need vacating.

Not a basement - an obvious cellar. When is the illegal conversions task force coming to Queens?


Anonymous said...

One down, only 9,999 more to go.

Anonymous said...

When is the illegal conversions task force coming to Queens?

Melinda has a very limited attention span from the Queens voter - so she tells everyone what a tradition mother she is how she is a brave women for adding that 'part' of her life late in life.

Then she launches into the guise of a misty eyed fighter for the American dream by telling everyone that she stands with every fighter for those questioning their gender, and how American liberty is defined by fighting for the 'rights (wha?)' of illegal immigrants (but fails to mention the negative impact they have on schools, housing, jobs, and quality of life, but then, its a small price to pay for cultivating Democrats and employing the same.)

This topic of illegal conversions? Not enough time.

You know she has a very busy schedule making Queens the place every tourist wants to go. True! Hell yes! She tells us to it has to be true, right?

Who is interested in Central Park, when you have pork-laden delights of Flushing Meadow, or Soho when people are hot to shop in what used be known as Downtown Jamaica, or the Theater District when you have downtown Flushing and can see things that no one in theater of film could conceive.

Anonymous said...

What disturbs me is that the tenants are being offered relocation assistance by the Red Cross. Why do they get this help and Americans who are homeless get nothing? My money is that they are Chinese illegal aliens.

Are they going to be put on the Section 8 or NYCHA waiting list ahead of Americans? FOR SHAME.

Deportation please.

I deal with the public every day. I can't tell you how many illegal aliens are very comfortable in this country and have a strong sense of entitlement. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"Not a basement - an obvious cellar."

Wrong. It's a basement from the look of the building.

Basement is at least allowable to 'live' in if you have right permits and code. It has to be N number of feet (at least 3 feet I think) above soil level and thus have windows.

Cellar CANNOT be live in no matter what because it's completely under ground because it's pretty much zero feet above soil level and thus, no windows. (think of wine CELLAR.. they are completely underground).

You need at least a certain ratio of light from windows to room size to be call livable condition or a 'room'.