Monday, June 5, 2017

Disagreement over immigrant defense fund

From the Observer:

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito failed to reach an agreement on whether the $26 million the city will set aside to provide free legal counsel to undocumented immigrants will cover those convicted of violent crimes—though the mayor emphasized that the contracting for the program will lie entirely in his hands.

The “budget handshake” at City Hall—touted as the earliest since 1992—was all smiles and self-congratulation until a reporter inquired whether the mayor and speaker, both liberal Democrats and longtime allies, had resolved their difference on the matter. New York’s “sanctuary city” statutes forbid the NYPD or Department of Corrections from honoring federal requests to detain foreign nationals lacking proper paperwork, unless those individuals have been convicted of one of roughly 170 violent offenses, such as rape, murder or terrorism.

De Blasio told the Observer at his proposed spending plan roll-out in April that, while he would meet Mark-Viverito’s request he make permanent a pilot program for attorneys for those fighting deportation, he would not allow city dollars to go toward the defense of someone found guilty of one of those 170 crimes—a stance he maintained today.


Anonymous said...

A budget should always be passed on time....that's their job!

Anonymous said...

Why should my tax dollars have to pay for these ILLEGALS?? They are ILLEGAL, they should have NO RIGHTS! The only thing my tax dollars should pay for is a one way ticket for them to go back to their own motherlands!

Anonymous said...

When will they stop with this obsessive need to spend our money to support and protect illegals?

We just can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor Shithead: I am formally requesting my share of the $26m be used for actual City services or returned. Signed, A Not Insane NYC Resident

Anonymous said...

now, now, now Anon #2. let's not be too hasty. in today's society wouldn't it be appropriate to believe they have fatherlands to go back to also? lol.

Anonymous said...

Why should my tax dollars have to pay for these ILLEGALS?


Remember this American citizen, whose taxes are being used not for you and your family, but to benefit a party apparatus used not for governing but for personal aggrandizement by those using political office solely for their own benefit.

Remember this American citizen, when your streets are not cleaned, your schools are not built, your wishes are not met and ask your politician why the needs of American citizens are second to the needs of illegal non-citizens who break the law.

Anonymous said...

This is INSANE! Why should these foreign agents masquerading as NYC officials have the right to give taxpayer money to foreign CRIMINALS, who have broken our country's immigration laws? You might as well hand over our money to robbers, because that is exactly what these disease-bearing illiterate social-services-sucking illegals are. They are stealing food, housing, medical care, education and legal services from NYC taxpayers and these 2 traitors are abetting them in this endeavor all the way. The illegals require massive amounts of taxpayer money and have nothing but the simplest unskilled labor to offer in return. What the hell is wrong with the "mayor" and this PR slattern, except they have no loyalty to their so-called constituents, only to foreign interests?

Anonymous said...

How incredible that paying legal fees for illegals is even an issue!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder with a death wish attached to it.

Anonymous said...

"there is nothing to be ALARMED about",Mayor Kahn ,London ,U.K

Will taxpayers in NYC be hearing these same words from Comrade,Diblasio ?

Nyc Taxpayers are being robbed by the "SANCTUARY CITY THIEVES".

$23,000 per per yr. for the anchor babies and illegal visa "parachute"overstay

K-12, in queens schools.

23,000x 12=bankrupt citizens

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you!! I"m not crazy after all. Why are they spending our money on something that will harm us? One term mayor. Didn't the speaker of the City Council learn her lesson with the Puerto Rican Day Parade Debacle? I laugh when people blather on about how dangerous the current immigration policies are. Why aren't we getting rid of those rude and unprofessional Pakistani's who work for the MTA? they're probably all Al Queda supporters and our tax dollars are protecting them while Americans are homeless and unemployed? That is the injustice. Thank you Bill and Melissa for making more Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Big Bird
and loud mouth Latina super girl.
Communist NYC!