Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Partial collapse of building near Queens Plaza

From DNA Info:

The partial collapse of an apartment tower construction site near Queensboro Plaza injured six workers Monday, authorities said.

The workers suffered minor to moderate injuries in the incident, which took place at 42-20 27th St. around 11 a.m. when crews were pouring concrete into a 20-by-20 foot form that collapsed onto the seventh floor below, according to the FDNY and Department of Buildings.

The six hurt workers were taken to local hospitals for ailments that included back, leg and arm injuries, FDNY officials said. All were in stable condition.

The DOB halted all construction and issued a violation for failure to safeguard the site, according to a spokesman.


(sarc) said...

"There is major concern in regard to safety,"


Our elected representatives are concerned with our safety!

I feel SO MUCH better...

Anonymous said...

Eran Chen, the architect, self-certified DoB objections to his plans. The contractor, Rafael Rabinowitz, has only been filing for permits for a couple of years. Seems he has been issued immediately hazardous violations for work in Brooklyn, and his name comes up in a dead-cat imbroglio (the killing feral cats in the area).

Too bad the DoB can't keep their eyes open, the electeds don't care, and the newspapers rarely invest the time to investigate background.

Anonymous said...

Whats happening is just a nightmare.
It was so much better back in the 70's with the whores, pimps (they didn't bother anybody like these bastards with construction and movie shooting. You could get top floor of a nice house on 21 street for $350 and be at work in Manhattan 8 minutes make good $$ and be able to save it. Several bars and quick morning coffee & soup kitchens to add. What do we get now ? And all the liberals call this progress ?
Give me back my old and crappy !!!