Monday, June 12, 2017

Nightlife noise complaints are way up

From AM-NY:

City nightlife is bringing the noise — and the headaches, according to a report released last week.

An audit by the state comptroller’s office found the number of 311 noise complaints related to bars, clubs and other nightlife establishments soared from 38,000 in 2010, to more than 93,000 in 2015.
Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli called on the state Liquor Authority to take action against repeat violators.

“Establishments with hundreds of complaints lodged against them faced little or no repercussions. For the sake of city residents, more action must be taken to address noisy clubs and bars,” he said.
The report showed 277 businesses each received 100 or more complaints.

DiNapoli said the state doesn’t access 311 data readily and can’t adequately assess the complaints. He recommended the state Liquor Authority design and formalize a process to go over the data themselves.


Anonymous said...

If the noise is coming from a Singh Hospitality Group restaurant, rumor has it that Harendra Singh would just pay off the city from donations from the Raj and Rajeshwari Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth is his publicist?

That is the best 'deer in the headlights' picture I have seen in a while.

Taking the picture from above makes him look like a midget. Sorry, little person.

How on earth did he allow this picture to go out?

Anonymous said...

We live in a lawless city. Criminals and people who break the laws are coddled. Police don't respond to noise complaints anymore. Yet, the middle class gets tons of parking and sanitation tickets. No wonder why the middle class is moving out of NYC in droves. Thanks Mayor DeBlasio for turning our city into a Shit Show.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's any record of how many of these complaints were sent by the same person?

It's usually one grumpy neighbor ruining everyone else's fun.

Anonymous said...

NYPD not doing their jobs really!!! Nothing new ignore is their motto.

Anonymous said...

This news was greeted by City Hall with cheering and congratulatory back slapping. This is the lawless behavior and disregard for others that has been promoted by the DeBlasio Administration. As to the NYPD, can you blame them? This mayor will undercut them in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

NYPD at the 104th turns a blind eye to the rowdy behavior of O'Neills bands, patrons and even their street racing valets. Nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

The nypd isn't allowed to enforce that. Maybe the State Troopers can take up the slack.