Thursday, June 15, 2017

City Hall wants you to paint your roof white

From AM-NY:

City Hall will be painting the city white this summer to protect people from the risks of high heat.

City officials, and other private and nonprofit partners launched The Cool Neighborhoods program Wednesday with paint brushes in hand. Under the initiative, the city will be working to lower building temperatures by painting their roofs a reflective white paint, planting trees to provide more shade and urging neighbors to check in on the elderly, poor and disabled when temperatures spike.

Daniel Zarrilli, the city’s chief resiliency officer, said the $106 million initiative is imperative because studies show the number of days New York City thermometers hit at least 90 degrees will double by 2020. Such hot conditions can lead to dehydration, heat stroke and other ill health effects.

“We need to be better prepared for that,” Zarrilli said.

One of the program’s largest components is the expansion of the city’s CoolRoofs service, where roofs are covered with the heat-reducing paint, at no cost to the owner.


Anonymous said...

...and then paint them black to absorb the sun's heat during the winter? How idiotic!

Anonymous said...

City Hall and their anarchist, lying, cheating, stealing thug-mayor of epic, humanitarian fail can F**K OFF into infinity!

❝The Earth isn't dying. It's being killed. And, the people who are killing it have names and addresses.❞ —Utah Phillips

❝We hang the petty thieves and elect the great ones to public office.❞ —Aesop

❝Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.❞ —Voltaire

❝It's dangerous to be right when government is wrong.❞ —Voltaire

❝To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.❞ —Voltaire

❝It's called 'The American Dream' because you have to be asleep to believe it.❞ —George Carlin

❝The nihilism and rage sweeping across the globe are not generated by warped ideologies or medieval religious beliefs. These destructive forces have their roots in the obliterating of social, cultural and religious traditions by modernization and the consumer society, the disastrous attempts by the United States to carry out regime change, often through coups and wars, and the utopian neoliberal ideology that has concentrated wealth in the hands of a tiny cabal of corrupt global oligarchs.❞ —Chris Hedges, The Age of Anger

❝I think that our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think that we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends. I think that they are all insane. But, I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what is insane about it. Don't you agree?❞ —John Lennon

(sarc) said...

this is quite the Racist policy coming from our communist mayor always touting "diversity"

Let us coat our roofs with all different colours to reflect our unity...

Anonymous said...

"Daniel Zarrilli, the city’s chief resiliency officer, said the $106 million initiative is imperative because studies show the number of days New York City thermometers hit at least 90 degrees will double by 2020."

This statement is beyond dumb. Doubling the number of 90 degree days in the next 2.5 years? Like to see who did this "study" so we can get our money back.

Joe said...

I have experimented with this on a enclosed back porch on a Stier house (The porch ceiling has no crawl space like the rest of the house) adding white roofing membrane and found its more effective effective for summer dropping the ceiling temperature by as much as 15-20 degrees. The room is without question cooler mid day
Fall, Winter and Spring no difference.

Also consider electric BTUs for air conditioners cost 3X more then gas heating. In neighborhoods like Ridgewood for example the Germans usually built with self drafting 1 foot or so insulated crawl spaces, with vents between the top floor ceiling and roof... Its a very effective buffer from a hot summer roof.

Anyway the effect is called "Albedo" and the chart is here
R Co-efficient's
Black Tar roof = .03
White roof is = .90

Gary W said...

Maybe he can paint the roof of his SUV white.

Anonymous said...

This actually works really well to reduce the temperature inside in the summer and lower electric bills.

Anonymous said...

Old trick, no results, except in the pockets of those who will sell the paint. But I assume a lot of landlords voted for De Blasio, so paint baby, paint, and increase the rent to recover the money cause that's how socialism works...

Anonymous said...

While painting your roof white will cool your house during the summer months, the other 9 months you are giving up absorbing heat and hence lowers your heating bill?

Anonymous said...

Won't this have a negative effect in the winter, though? Black roofs mean that it'll take more energy to warm the building in cold months.
Also, white is ugly and blinding to those above.

Better to plant grass up there and turn these into green roofs. Isn't the City pushing for that, too?

Anonymous said...

Solar water preheat panels and solar electric panels should be on all new construction ,up to a certain size building. We're still in the 20th century ,tech wise.

Anonymous said...

WIll they repaint it black in the winter to keep us warm?