Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sunnyside Gardens want SCA to preserve historic garage

From DNA Info:

Plans to build a much-needed middle school on the site of an old garage has drawn the ire of local preservationists who say the structure is too precious to be destroyed.

The city is looking to purchase the privately-owned property at 38-04 48th St., home to a two-story former garage, most recently occupied by a pool hall but now sits empty.

A 600-seat middle school is being proposed for the space, something local parents have been pushing to get for years to accommodate the growing number of children in the neighborhood.

But preservationists say the garage should be saved due to its historical significance. The building was designed by renowned urban planner Clarence Stein, one of two architects responsible for designing Sunnyside Gardens.

Though the building sits just outside the boundaries of the landmark historic district, it was designed as part of the project in the 1920s as a garage for Sunnyside Gardens residents to park their cars, according to architectural historian Barry Lewis.

"He didn't want to eat up the space in the city blocks with garages and driveways," said Lewis, who said the building was designed with features similar to the homes in Sunnyside Gardens, including its red brick.

"You'd be ripping out one of the major components of Clarence Stein's original plan," he said.


Anonymous said...

Well Jimmy has trimmed the teeth of the local preservation group with another fake civic that puts up nice historic signs and gives out shopping bags with their logo.

Does little to built up support for setting guidelines or public education.

Now they are waking up to Jimmy's sell out.

Will they grow a pair? Barry Lewis is great but they have plenty of others that are local that, because of Jimmy, they keep at arm's length. Maybe its time that EVERYONE in the community work together - except, of course, Jimmy, who has his own agenda.

(sarc) said...

And may I ask, what should be done with this albatross once preserved?

A plaque stating it was an early garage???

Anonymous said...

Traffic nightmare with all double parked cars and buses.
We totally avoid school zoned areas for that reason. By PS 229 in Woodside Queens a sheer nightmare. On Grand Avenue by IS73 and PS58 also the same.

JQ LLC said...

A garage?

That explains all that hideous development entombing the view of the Steinway Mansion. Those are practically luxe garages.

let's all sing


Anonymous said...

Barry Lewis sold out years ago. He and his "partner", David Hartman, made all those nice little preservation TV programs together. That boosted Lewis' credentials and tour business. Now he's an armchair preservationist.

LOL! Will we be hearing from our anti landmarking "borough historian" phony, Dr. Jack Eichenbaum, soon?
Jack-off Eichenbaum is just the kind of doctor that borough hall loves to call on. This little mouse never stands up for anything that gets in the way of Katz and company's agenda....DEVELOPMENT !

Jerry Rotondi, former QHS trustee said...

Give it one of those useless Queens Hysterical Society's
"Queensmark" plaques....
you know...the ones that look like round beer glass coasters.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Van Bramer butt f----d you all with his phony politics.
Now, he'll try to pretend that he!s a preservationist.
He works for his developer donors, not you!

Anonymous said...

It's not worth saving honestly. You have the entire rest of the complex. Put up a historic info sign on the corner or in the school lobby and be done with it.

Gary W said...

Plaque on the wall says that no one's slept here

kapimap said...

That building needs to be a school. That poolhall dont make money, buy offers a hangout for the few who know about it. The neighborhood needs a middle school.
The former sportsathourity property should be used as a school as well, plenty of room for this purpose. Trains and the busses stop at this location already, so it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

This building has already been sold at above market price to the city. It pays to donate to JVB. Parents in the area do not send their kids to the local public schools.Most go to charters in a Astoria. The kids who will go to this school are going to have to walk a long way to the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

There are many locations for a school on empty lots on Queens Blvd just a block or two from the train.

This school will only be a few blocks from Bryant. The buses and subways will be a zoo.

It is the last thing that the Gardens needs.

There a tons of ideas on what to do with this building - which could make it a community asset.

Jimmy is doing a fast one on his community - and is doing a fund raiser for this a few blocks away. Someone from the Gardens should rain on his parade and stage a protest.

Anonymous said...

*THIS* is what they are willing to landmark. holy shit.

Just burn the city to the ground and be done with it. A lost cause.

Anonymous said...

And once again, Sarc is the Voice of Reason.

Anonymous said...

Gary W...very good.

baverso said...

For those of you against transforming the property into a middle school, you cited one reason - congestion. Can you elaborate on this? How much congestion? Are there any other reasons why that garage should stay? I think a middle school would be great. Please convince me otherwise!

Anonymous said...

The city has finally found a building in Queens they'll preserve!