Tuesday, October 4, 2016

De Blasio takes care of his friends with our money

From the NY Post:

Congratulations, city taxpayers: You’ve found yet another clever way to contribute to Mayor de Blasio’s 2017 re-election campaign — by hiring hundreds of his operatives as “special assistants” on the City Hall payroll, thereby relieving them of the need to find real jobs in the political off-years.

Of course, you probably didn’t realize you’d done the mayor that favor until Bruce Golding and Rich Calder broke the story in Monday’s Post.

The 264 “special assistants” on the books for the last fiscal year accounted for 40 percent of the entire Mayor’s Office payroll and cost taxpayers $18.7 million.

No, not all were hacks being supported between campaigns — but de Blasio spent much more than twice as much on “special assistants” as Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Yes, gazillionaire Bloomy had other places to park his politicos — but so does the current mayor, with his vast web of pocket nonprofit outfits.

Of course, the taxpayers also helped pay for those, if indirectly — since donations to them plainly bought access (at least) to the mayor and his team.

Adding insult to injury, mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips — who earns $182,000 — justified the added expense for special assistants as a cost-saving measure that cut down overtime, supposedly saving taxpayers $105,000 while boosting the number of managers at City Hall.

As if anyone was pointing to this City Hall as a paragon of good management.


Anonymous said...

He's such an idiot. Him and his lesbian wife need to be thrown out of office! They are nothing but a waste of space.

(sarc) said...

So what you call "The Dope from Park Slope" outwitted most with this game of keeping his minions working and paid for all on the hardworking taxpayers.

Interesting,but not surprising...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every mayor play "pay to play" then reward the players?
C'mon people, this is politics. You elect your dopes. Wise up next time.

Anonymous said...

Unless you're talking about a teacher, cop, firefighter, or someone else working with the public directly, be very suspicious of anyone proud of "a career in government".

Anonymous said...

Now, am I the only one in New York City who knows the meaning of IMPEACHMENT??? You have choices people——USE THEM, or stop bitching about this public fool who was elected by default. A serial robber will just keep robbing if he isn't stopped and punished!!!

So, is there any wonder why there is anarchy in the streets, when there is massive crime, waste and government tyranny in City Hall and Albany?? Seriously, people, get busy with protest, rally, and move your feet——or shut up and retreat!

JQ LLC said...

Here's a fucking hypothesis, I would bet my stagnant paycheck that Lincoln Restler and a large fraction of hipshits who were on that roof with the hot tub are part of this crony patronage little league.

Phil Wong said...

This is his way to avoid responding to subpoenas served, these "agents" are not city employees and therefore exempt from replying to any investigations or discoveries.

Anonymous said...

You also CANNOT sue an authority....like the Port Authority.
That leaves them free to rape and pillage your neighborhoods with impunity.
Do we live in a democracy?

JQ LLC said...

There were 2 festival concerts on the same day last saturday in Flushing Meadows and Bryant Park. Since the Campaign for One New York (specifically for the wealth hoarders and frivolous spenders) got shut down because of illegalities, or in their words, achieved it's goals, I wonder if some of the 246 are now involved in doling out permits for concerts in public parks that them and their idiot friends can go to whenever they feel like it. I also wonder if the city planning offices and other departments these opportunistic roaches are meddling in with Big Slow's enabling.

I am also wondering if any of the 246 are somehow involved in the attempted gentrification of Riis Park besides Bloomberg Philanthropies and various property owning LLC's

This is what I think about at the thought of Manifest Hillary winning. That there will be no consequences for the shady nefarious dealings by the other elected fauxgressive democrats. It doesn't help that Don Worthless destroyed his party and his sabotaging his campaign to ease her in.

Anonymous said...

$18.7 million would have paid the rent for many of the 60,000 residents of NYC inhabiting the shelter system. Its too bad that the mayor chose otherwise.