Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lawn gone at Steinway Mansion

Photos from George the Atheist


Joe Moretti said...

Wow and still not a word from elected officials. So where is Katz, who LOVES to brag about how wonderful Queens is.

Queens Sucks said...

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Think of how beautiful this historic piece of NYC history in the Borough of Queens could have looked if there were intelligence used in the design process.

Immense shame on the architect, the owners, the politicians, the community.

JQ LLC said...

Abominable. Preservation by entombment.

The only people who can admire this landmark now, I assume, will be the gilded age new moneyed class of pretentious and government-funded artists, tech lame-o's, hack electeds and soulless investors partying on the makeshift rooftop bars of these luxe garages.

Anonymous said...

How about the community? Contrast St Saviour or Neirs or just about anyplace that has a worthy landmark and a drop of civic pride.

Don't care how many gyro or craft cheese places you have, those pictures say all you need to know about a good part of it.

Anonymous said...

Alas, Joe Moretti, Melinda Katz doesn't even PRETEND to embrace ethics, much less the integrity to even respect and honor a beloved (but recklessly evicted), Kew Gardens statue entitled, 'Triumph of Civic Virute,' that actually REPRESENTS and SYMBOLIZES the allegorical portent of virtue emerging victoriously over all corruption and vice, when the statue was prominently displayed for more than 71 years IN FRONT of Borough Hall, and just steps away from the Kew Gardens Criminal Courthouse. Now, this once towering monument continues to languish (since December 15, 2012!), in a Brooklyn graveyard among the dead, where it remains on temporary loan.

And, if she and Helen Marshall (ANOTHER failed borough president who was rewarded for openly practiced corruption), can willfully show an evinced depravity for Civic Virtue (and the now blighted Kew Gardens Plaza from which both of these monstrously failed leaders have robbed public art), then what difference does it make WHAT this political hack says, versus the irreparable damage that she continues to leave in her crooked wake?? But, it's still not too late to remedy EITHER of these deserations——but, such action would take honest, ethical, not for sale leadership (that leads by example), and Queens hasn't seen THAT since even before the tainted installation of Donald Manes!


georgetheatheist said...

Prometheus Bound.

JQ LLC said...

@ Richard Anonymous

No doubt why the exalted electeds felt the Triumph of Civic Virtue was unsightly to their dead eyes.

I recall that one man, Anthony Weiner, former husband to that filthy pompous shrew Huma Abedin and formerly Carlos Danger, had a media circus around him to declare his disgust at the nudity displayed by it. I guess the depraved human body looks better in 200 x 120 resolution to him.

Farewell Steinway and also RIP to the Great Barrier Reef and in 24 days, common sense and the illusion of living in a democracy and a republic.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

At this point....perhaps a mural reflecting the Steinway heritage on that blank wall migh be a slight consolation.
A booby prize is better than nothing.
Remember...this kind of shit is made possible by scum sucking pols like the Vallones and Van Bramers!

georgetheatheist said...

A mural on that empty wall? Who's going to see it up on a hill behind fenced-off property?

Anonymous said...


They do murals in the Bronx for dead drug dealers.

Astoria is 30 years behind the times with those murals ... among other things.

It ain't the 1970s folks. The world has moved on.

Anonymous said...

The Astoria politicians did this to their community.

A big F U to the people that pay their salaries.

Anonymous said...

To JQ: When Anthony Weinger called his infamous press conference at the steps of Borough Hall's intentional decay of 'Triumph Of Civic Virtue,' on Friday, February 23, 2011, I was there to educate Weiner and his Feminazi City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras. (the cameras only filmed Weiner and Ferreras, but later interviewed me separately, on the sidelines)!

I gave Ms. Ferreras a crash course in allegorical art, explaining that the statue's model figure for 'Civic Virtue' was not, as she describe it, "a man crushing two women," but as soon as she was on camera, that's exactly what she repeated. That's when I objected to shout out that what Ferreras just stated was a falsehood that was 'KNOWINGLY FALSE.' Weiner said that I would have an opportunity to response, and I did!

So, after I challenged Weiner in his foolish pursuit of suggesting that this breathtaking work of public art be sold on Craig's List, Weiner himself resigned in disgrace only 10 short weeks after that press conference, upon which I challenged Weiner's position.

In the end, Civic Virtue really works——by June, 2011, Weiner was gone (and forgotten), but there remained 'Triumph Of Civic Virtue,' keep vigil over Queens Boulevard, and prominently displayed for ALL to see.

Now, this great Italian work of art has been evicted to a Brooklyn graveyard, minus its towering fountain base, and purportedly on temporary loan (for nearly four years come December 15, 2016, and counting). The statue looks vacant and stripped of its power and authority at Green-Wood Cemetery, without its base to heighten and empower the message and the messenger——a message of civic virtue triumphing over all allegorical corruptiona and vice that ironically has been FOISTED onto an audience of dead bone and ash!

Sadly, all Queens County leadership is now a coup d'etat of OPENLY PRACTICED oligarchy that devalues all honesty itself——to traitorous, tyrannical effect——and Civic Virtue languishing in a cemetery is 'Exhibit A' proof!