Saturday, October 8, 2016

Closure of 2 shelters announced hours after 2nd propaganda video released

Released Thursday evening:

From the Times Ledger yesterday afternoon:

On Friday, several elected officials in Eastern Queens announced that DHS will comply with hotel owner Harshad Patel and no longer use the Bellerose Inn and Quality Inn as housing for homeless families within the next 60 days.

“Now that we have confirmed that the city will comply with his wishes, we have to work towards finding a more permanent solution to help these families,” state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) said.

DHS would not say how this would affect its proposed shelter at the Maspeth Holiday Inn Express, which Patel also owns.

Well it would seem that if DHS wanted to respect the wishes of the hotel owner, they would stop pressuring him to make a deal in Maspeth, since he said publicly multiple times that he wasn't interested in turning his Holiday Inn Express into a shelter. Also, if Avella, et al can accomplish this for 2 hotels, why can't Yab-Addabbo and company do it for just one?


Anonymous said...

One way to start is to get rid of the imagined "Mandate" to house the homeless. And the freakin' mayor, get rid of the mayor too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece of propaganda. Pay attention to the unidentified voice chanting "white lives matter", implying racism. I wonder if that was recorded on site or added in at the studio.

Anonymous said...

"We didn't ask to be here. We just asked for help." Pity she didn't think about that before she decided to bring another life into this world.

Anonymous said...

DHS must have promised her a few extra perks for doing the video. This baby will be on the government's dime from cradle to grave

Anonymous said...

Tony tried running for Mayor once before - is it time to try again? The Democratic machine already hates him, so he wouldn't be burning any bridges that hadn't already been burned. He would be a much better alternative to de Blasio than Scott Stringer, who is just de Blasio Lite.

JQ LLC said...

I wish the best of luck to that woman and her baby, they are going to need it, since this fucking corrupt mayor did not prepare for this influx of indigent people, displaced from their apts. from rampant gentrification and migrated from other states and I hope she doesn't fall in temptation to take advantage of the welfare system. Although being alone and "in training" is not the way to raise a child. I honestly wish her and her deadbeat boyfriend would have took proper precaution.

You know, right now there are middle class families, homeowners and renters that could probably use food stamps too, given wide ranging reports on choosing between having shelter and skipping meals to make the rent or paying energy bills.

Which one of the 246 (this is my theory, these roaches have to have something to do since CONY ended) thought it would be clever to mix in the chant "white lives matter". When the rebuttal chant is actually "All Lives Matter". Do they know the racial makeup of Bellerose? It's predominantly African-American. Mayor Big Pussy and his apparatchiks are so desperate and immoral. Justice can't come soon enough.

Post haste Preet.

Anonymous said...

DHS shame on you for playing the race card!
Exploiting children too.
What I do not understand is we all are people of color black,white, brown,red and yellow.
This fight against the proposed shelter is not racial or children haters. We want the city to stop warehousing people.
This race card business must stop. There is much opposition in many of the communities against this matter. Are they all racist and children haters?????

Anonymous said...

Alas, in the grander scheme of things, the hotels as homeless shelters are not NEARLY as much a problem as the monstrously failed political leadership (that has never led by example), that continues to FOIST these bogus hotels on everyone else's neighborhoods——and, NEVER their own!

Hey, Mr. Bill——where are ANY sightings of these fake hotels in Park Slope and Gracie Mansion?? None, you say? Didn't think so!

The bigger problem, then is to rid city and state government of all useless, self-serving politicians, all of whom continue to betray public trust with impunity, and the public be damned!

If only We the People could impeach Bill de Blasio as quickly as the formation of this protest——that would instantly rid New York City of one of the greatest scourges of them all!

JQ LLC said...

I forgot to mention this before, Yab-Addabbo is fucking funny, or has Fred Flintstone would say, droll, wilma, really droll. I can't wait for him to be photoshopped in that loincloth in a future post.

georgetheatheist said...

OK in the video she changes the kid's diaper and hoists her in the air. Then what?

M. How said...

Anonymous said: "The bigger problem, then is to rid city and state government of all useless, self-serving politicians, all of whom continue to betray public trust with impunity, and the public be damned!"

It seems that our city and state government officials and politicians have been practicing "trickle-down politics. Your statement applies to our Federal Government officials and politicians who also betray our public trust with impunity and, without any shame, say "the public be damned".

It's SO, SO IMPORTANT for ALL OF US to vote this November 8th. It doesn't matter who we vote for -- JUST GET OUT AND VOTE.

If you don't like either candidate then write in anyone you do like -- your husband, wife, friend, teacher, etc. Let them know we are NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR BEHAVIOR TOWARD US.

Otherwise, the "do nothing public be damned politicians" will get the message that they can continue to disrespect and treat all of us like trash.

They NEED TO KNOW we won't take it anymore!

Anonymous said...

Stop making babies with ex cons who walk away from their responsibility . That's the problem.

Anonymous said...

The "White Lives Matter" chant was overdubbed later, you can hear it, it's not smooth, not a good job of production. If you are going to do a scam video, do at least a credible job. This video needs to be investigated by DOI.

JQ LLC said...

The way white lives matter was chanted sounded like that Flintstones episode when Fred was cloned by aliens...

Anonymous said...

all addabbo does is make you bring your garbage to the park
and everybody thinks he is great
he is useless
been there too long