Friday, October 21, 2016

Willets Point businesses may get evicted from the Bronx

From NY1:

An 80,000-square-foot warehouse in the South Bronx was just renovated.

It was supposed to house a collection of 45 auto-repair businesses, but it stands empty. There is not a car in sight.

For years, the 45 businesses operated in the shadow of Shea Stadium, and then Citi Field, in Willets Point, Queens. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration wanted them out to make way for a $3 billion residential and retail development. The city paid them $7.6 million to move to the South Bronx, but their money ran out before their new home - that warehouse - was completed.

The 45 businesses operate as the Sunrise Cooperative. Their money gone, the businesses face eviction by the owner of the warehouse, but they have filed for bankruptcy hoping to prevent that. They want the city's Economic Development Corporation to provide $3 million more so they can pay their bills and finish construction.

And the auto workers aren't asking for a handout. They are willing to pay the city back to simply complete the project.

But the EDC tells NY1 the businesses should look elsewhere to borrow money.

Salamanca says it's the city's responsibility to help these mostly immigrant businesses.

"These businesses didn't ask to be put in this position," he said.


(sarc) said...

Why is it that when government gets involved with something, it always turns into a mess?

And then the all knowing electeds come rushing in to save the day.

When will people realize that these lifelong government bureaucrats are only interested in their own self promotion and job security?

They are the problem, not the solution.

Ponder this and think very carefully as to your choice in nineteen days...

GaryW said...

Could probably fit a lot of beds in there for the homeless.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Screwed for a second time by Bloomberg, Claire Shulman and her associates.
Will granny Shulman ever be punished properly for not registering her firm as a lobby group?
Never! She was part of the shady crew who has been selling out Queens to her developer friends for years.
One hand washes the other.
Remember, she learned her tricks at the foot of her master boss, Donald Manes.

Anonymous said...

Where is that shady Wellington Chen, who was asshole buddies with Shulman , these days?
We heard he got divorced and lost his home in Little Neck, the one that Shulman helped him to acquire.
Is he still head of the Chinatown Partnership?
Last time we saw him he looked drawn and Ill.
He and CB7s Marilyn Bitterman were said to be tight.
Now that Bitterman will be retiring, I wonder who will be getting her lucrative $90,000 a year patronage position as DM of the board.
Somebody, very likely, who has been sucking up to borough hall power over the years.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a shitshow.

And the blame falls on Bloomberg for this one. But now DeBlasio wants to do the same thing in parts of the Bronx, forcing viable businesses to move for the pleasure of real estate interests, and it'll probably have the same results.