Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Developments in Crowley vs. Spotorno congressional race

Sinatra impersonator vs. Travolta impersonator


JQ LLC said...

The decline of Queens civilization

Oh, you're flat Joe.

Part 3, there are 2 others??! well, the godfather and star wars first 2 movies had bad third ones too.

some observations before I take a few rufinol to cleanse my brain of this public travesty

Check out twinkle toes at 0:34.

That guy in the blue shirt makes Sporty there look graceful

The only ones with any rhythm or control of their extremities are the two kids aimlessly running around

that is billy joel's worst song, well river of dreams is worse. (Stiletto, though unpopular and overlooked from 52nd street is billy's funkiest, and it's sampled in a hip hop classic-

https://youtu.be/hNqTz2mMwNE?t=14 )

I think I have been in that hall before (really where was this, it looks familiar). And I know I have seen incandescent group dancing like that too.


Gary W said...

WTF did I just watch!!!

Your a better man than me JQ to sit thru that!! ...holy sh!t.

I like the guy at the 30 second mark who grabs the Bud Light and get's the hell out of the way.

For F's sake!!

Anonymous said...

He looks like he was having fun. No harm in that.

The tall woman in the 'Solutions not Shelters' t shirt was good looking.

Anonymous said...

Sort of explains why good community groups don't want to have much to do with Queens.

I can see these clips in future documentaries lampooning early 21st Century Queens.


Chester the Dog said...

How. Dorky.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is worse - the Queens pols thinking that its cute they all sing, or they think that the public adores them so much that they view this as something laudable in their pols.

In any case, its just another example of why the outside world views Queens as the Hermit Kingdom, and perhaps, that is fine with everyone on the east side of the East River.


ron s said...

Pretty sad. But maybe we should just vote for Spotorno regardless of his viewpoints AND dancing, just to try to get rid of the asshole who lives in Virginia.