Wednesday, October 5, 2016

From classic to crap

Hi Crappy,

I know how your readers like to hate the crap that has replaced the old homes.The monstrosity on the right replaced a large home probably built in the early 1900's. This apartment building is right by the beach and there's no balconies so I'm guessing it's not going to be luxury housing, perhaps a homeless shelter. Location is on B 94th St. and Shore Front Pkwy.

- Rich

Well, upon researching the property, it seems to be some kind of apartment building. But a shelter wouldn't surprise anyone either.


Anonymous said...

This brick box.....
perhaps a penitentiary.....a mental hospital....a drug rehabilitation center.....a homeless shelter....a hot sheets hotel?
This does not look warm and fuzzy enough that any human should call it a "residence"!
Box 'em and package 'em like sardines, and call it living space.
Stack and pack those lifeless caskets , side by side from top to bottom , a rapacious developer calls apartments.
What kind of values does a child learn growing up in such a severe looking structure?

JQ LLC said...

I was wondering about this building this summer. It's not only out of scale with the other classic houses there but it's ugly as shit a. It looks like it belongs in an industrial area, like Williamsburgh and LIC, and we all know what those areas became thanks to some creating zoning designating by former Mayor Fun Size.

A lot of hipshits went to Rockaway this summer, and I guess they don't want to make the long arduous trek anymore and want to colonize, I mean take up residency there. Our real estate titans have made tremendous efforts to lure them with help from the city and federal parks dept to use our beaches to promote the rockaways. And Generation Gentrification is so dumb that they will pay anything just to exist in whatever trendy place is cool at the moment, and living in a squalid cramped space for 2 or 3 thousand a month is what the ludicrous NYC real estate market is dictating the past year. Despite the fact that it's a red zone area for hurricanes and all that government sand is gone (is everyone eady for Matthew?). Expect your property taxes to get worse too.

That's actually a prime location because all of the hipshit foodie shit (like that dicknose pizza shit or pizza nazi and poser surfer and mediocre arts culture is concentrated there (apologies to all the original surfers there).

JQ LLC said...

This building also looks like a mental hospital. Kind of like the creepy boarded window unused building by Riis.

Anonymous said...

A roof terrace for penthouse tenants: roof is available to all the tenants. Supposedly there's a lottery going on to get in the building.

This landlord owns the building at Beach 96th and Rockaway Beach 214 Beach 96th Street, Rockaway Beach, NY Boulevard. Same landlord owns the Assisted Living Open Air Prison on Beach 95th Street Surfside Manor. 95-01 LLC, a shell company: owned by a group of investors. Same shell company owns a building next to the Wave office and across from the Key Food.

Last summer 2015 there was a shooting in front of the building that resulted in a SWAT Team and helicopter manhunt through the neighborhood. A woman from the building was shoot and refused to cooperate with the police.

Anonymous said...

owned by a shell company connected to the red brick building on Beach 96th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard, same owner as the Assisted Living Center Surfside Manor. 95-01 LLC.

Penthouse tenants have a roof terrace, all tenants can use the roof in that building.

Anonymous said...

Really disgusting and unbelievable that the plans got approved in the first place !

Anonymous said...

A lot of those old homes have plaster which is one third asbestos (as binder). Truck rumbles by and your kids lungs fill up.

Anonymous said...

A lot of buildings this blog complains about look pretty nice to me, but this one is ugly. Just a giant box with very little to distinguish it.

JQ LLC said...

A lot of the tower pestilence and new buildings with roof access look like resort nightclubs, with patio lights and designer furniture. Every article I read about these, usually in curbed and real deal usually shows pics of these amenities.

This building in particular just gives off a bad vibe. The way it's designed is kind of hedge bet just in case the hipshits or millenials don't buy so it can easily be converted into a shelter.