Friday, October 7, 2016

De Blasio can't stop talking about Maspeth lately

'From the Queens Tribune:

Many people throughout the city have been outraged by this. In Southeast Queens in particular, the opening of homeless shelters has taken a toll on the community, as they hold 34 percent of the borough’s burden. That outrage has most recently spread to western Queens as Maspeth residents continue to protest shelter proposals there. The mayor addressed the Maspeth protests directly at the Jamaica town hall.

“There is controversy in Maspeth, Queens,” the mayor said. “In our shelter system citywide, there are 250 individuals who come from Maspeth, Queens.” He believes that all communities, “especially one that has not had to shoulder the burden” before, have to step up and participate in helping solve this problem.

The mayor doubled down on his stance, saying that he will continue to encourage the entire city to take on this issue for the greater good, but did want to ease up on bringing those facilities to overburdened communities like Southeast Queens, as was evident in the Maspeth proposal.

“This is what we need to do to put a roof over their heads and to take care of families in every kind of community regardless of race, income,” de Blasio said. “I don’t think the tone of those protests has always been that appropriate,” he said of the Maspeth backlash. “I don’t like that protesters not only protested at the house of our commissioner, Steve Banks, but threatened him and his family as well.” So we will pursue a fair-share strategy, in the sense of going to areas that have not had these kind of facilities before and we will catch hell for it and we will stand our ground and take it because it is an act of fairness.”

From NY1:

Mayor de Blasio defended his administration's efforts to combat homelessness during a wide-ranging and spirited Q&A with reporters today. When asked about community protests over plans to convert a hotel in Maspeth, Queens into a shelter, de Blasio said "If people in Maspeth think they cannot have responsibility for a problem that is their problem, I will happily stare them down. We will put a roof over people's heads."

Wow, tough guy! How does he propose to stare Maspeth folk down when he refuses to set foot there? The only time he's paid a visit was to do a shitty job filling a pothole. And is this really appropriate language coming from the mayor of the city?


Anonymous said...

Community Busting,low life's for every community other than Donor Class
If your community has a full time Doorman with valet parking and a dog walker your Exempt
You know I'm right.

Anonymous said...

If Barack Obama was mayor he would be doing the same, with the same rhetoric, the same demagogic spin, sneering and condescension.

Anonymous said...

Stare us down big deal. We will give it right back to you. Wait for election time you will be voted right out.
Are we all not burdened with this? Our taxes pay for this and you want to put 220+ people in a hotel you state give Maspeth as their last address. I do not believe it. City loves to fudge the truth and this character likes to intimidate us.
No such lucky buddy.
This state has the right to shelter law the burden has been put on every NY to deal with the burden of non residents and illegals. You want our community to become run down panhandling slums. You want us to sit back and watch you ruin it.
This is not a communist country! Do not force it on us.
For the people in South Jamaica did they know about these homeless shelters? Or did you sneak them in? Did you give the community a chance to voice their opinions? Concerns?
You have a record of just sneaking them in and the attitude is deal with it!
In Maspeth how about putting some families in one or two family homes? Do not warehouse them in a Holiday Inn. I guarantee it's no Holiday for them there!
Do not make us the bad people here for voicing their concerns and also a RIGHT to live in a safe neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

The people of Maspeth need to assemble a list of city employees among then and make a coordinated effort to whistle blow in every agency they can. Surely there are scandals to uncover and ongoing ones to pour gasoline on. Turn up the heat on the mayor and he'll have too much else to deal with to "stare you down".

Anonymous said...

Many in the shelter system are ex-cons, drug users, and sex offenders. We dare you to stare us down, Mr Progressive Mayor.

Gary W said...

F this guy!!! He is nothing more than a wanna be lefty commie dictator. Just like his role models Che, Castro and Ortega. Probably has a soft spot for Ceausescu also. The problem is that these guys had muscle behind them, Duh Blaz has nothing. Get in his face punch back twice as hard!! Keep up the Alinsky tactics.

Oh who am I kidding, this guy wins the primary again.

JQ LLC said...

It is quite apparent, and unsurprising given the level of unmitigated impunity brazenly shown off by this giant head pictured and our governor "Henry Hill" Cuomo, that Mayor Big Slow has come down with a case of the "Phony Tough/Crazy Brave".

For me, I am perturbed by the chutzpah that the Blaz would deign to appear in the dirty southeast where 1/3 of the gerrymandering of poverty and recidivism is located. Of course it's certain that a lot of the shelters have been there already, with obsolescent and sellout politicians that have occupied the legislative offices there and in Albany, current and still convicted. But they want to add more, under the guise of mythical tourist attraction with the assistance of these shell companies masquerading as non-profit concerns. This is some hustle this corrupt mayor is pulling.

He is also pulling some divide and conquer shit by mentioning Maspeth. Which is quite convenient for him to do with a predominantly African American and Hillary supporting audience.
Actually, going there puts him in a safe zone because of the political makeup.

He's such a BIG PUSSY. The residents there really have to wake up and see through his false empathy and fauxgressive con like 55% of the rest of the city has.

JohnnyNutz said...

So he says 250 homeless individuals are from Maspeth. Hes right! They are from Maspeth!.. Maspeth,Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the stupidity of New Yorker's, chances are he will be elected again. His contempt for citizens of this city is astounding, but remember, he learned from the best, the Castro brothers and senor Sandinista Daniel Ortega

Anonymous said...

We can't get rid of this turd fast enough, but something tells me we are stuck with him.

Anonymous said...

If anyone watched that conference, you'll agree it was disgusting. The theme was FREEZE YOUR RENT. I love how he goes out encouraging more government handouts. Anyways, at the end that's when he got annoyed with reporters. Acted like a spoiled child. The problem is that he will probably be RE-ELECTED! All I keep reading about is how there is no viable opponent for him and that he stands a good chance of a getting a second term. People this is no joke, we need to take whatever action we can to get him out. Let's take a lesson in activism from Maspeth. I know there's a website called Go and start by ordering a Dump deBlasio t-shirt to wear proudly. Let's stick together. He can't continue rearing his big bozo head over us with that nasty condescending attitude, oh he makes me so sick!

Anonymous said...

Destroy America one election at a time and slowly days are over,their pouring gas on us now.

Anonymous said...

"we cant solve a problem, so we will make everyone suffer"

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Please keep the pressure on by involving as many communities as possible -AND finding other areas of mutual concern. Why is this not printed on any Queens media source?

2. There should be an outcry on the garbage printed by Queens media on the BS that the politician's are taking your credit - see the Chronicle this week? Absolute garbage until you understand they don't exist to provide news to you but to serve the needs of the borough's leadership by sowing confusion and weakening their opposition - that is you!

Anonymous said...

"This is what we need to do to put a roof over their heads"

Oh bullshit Mr.Mayor 1/2 belong in mental instructions on forced medication.
You also need to stop this "open arms" bullshit, stop handing out free all this stuff. This non existent enforcement of laws also attracts them like fly's. Must be 100s living in Corona park, the benches by the time capsule are all stained with urine and feces SHAME ON YOU DE BLASIO Queens will remember voting time !!

Anonymous said...

Mayor deBlasio how about you put a homeless shelter in the Hotels in Park Slope. The Holiday Inn Express, The Ascending Hotel and the Hotel LeBleu. Lead by example. Let's see how much your neighbors would welcome this.
Yes you may have the amory but did you not say only able body women??

Anonymous said...

"Able body women"
I wonder how many of these "Able body women" are illegals or sucking off taxpayers like locusts by day, drinking, drugging and prostituting by night like you see all over Elmhurst. This turning America into the worlds toilet has to stop !!

Prey Trump wins the election or we are f_cked for life with no chance of recovery.

Anonymous said...

Take a stand against the progressives turning America into Ghettostan (Blasio managed Clinton's senatorial campaign) and vote Trump, stick it to them where it hurts

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the patriots of Maspeth, you have started a revolution!

Anonymous said...

And katz, joe crowley and our next mayor wannabe van bramer can say nothing about maspeth at all.

Anonymous said...

The PEOPLE should get together rent 10 rooms in Park Slope with cash and deliver 10 homeless junkies for a night,say your an Agent for the City from the mayors office then step back and watch the Shirt Hit The Fan
I will pay for 1 room myself,

Anonymous said...

❝Bravo to the patriots of Maspeth, you have started a revolution.❞

Remember what Bernie Sanders said, Anonymous: ❝Never lose your sense of outrage.❞

But, until We the People punch back twice as hard to restore, reclaim and revive our profoundly abrogated Constitutional rights in the wake of all 'TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION' that is now OPENLY PRACTICED and SYSTEMIC, then nothing will truly ever change for long when there are untouchable empowered idiots like these public fools, all of whom continue to betray public trust, ethics and integrity with impunity.

Don't kid yourselves, Queens Crappers——this latest round is a blip on the radar, as the bigger picture will surely prove to be a Pyrrhic victory (as always)!

Joe Moretti said...

This Mayor has been so ineffective and destructive at the same time.

Warehousing of vulnerable human beings is appalling and then putting them in to hotels, which is ILLEGAL just adds to it.

And while many say poor homeless, what about hard working folks who actually pay taxes and the lowering of property values and quality of life when many of these homeless hotels get dumped into their communities, which by the way happen to the majority of the times get dumped by the dozen in communities of color, like Jamaica, while many communities have none to little. And this has nothing to do with how many homeless are in those communities, since a community like Jamaica has many homeless put into shelters that are from places like Bronx and other communities.

While this mayor did not cause this homeless problem (which is a problem not a crisis like they are telling the sheep, a city of say 9 million with a homeless population of 60,000 is only .66%, hardly a crisis), he has handle the situation poorly along with the questionable Department of Homeless Services.

First this whole law right to shelter in NYC needs to end since we have many coming from other states & countries putting the cost burden on NY as opposed to where these people originated. And instead of building more and more hotels and luxury apartment building, build some small apartment buildings for these populations and spread them out evenly over all areas and provide the proper services for these folks including becoming NOT homeless and properly employed instead of dumping them into hotel rooms and letting them fend for themselves and staying in the cycle of homelessness.

Anonymous said...

Question why DeBlaz has to work out at the Park Slope YMCA. The SRO rooms are worse than homeless shelters. The NY Post said that he was having a lot of meetings in Brooklyn. wonder if they were upstairs at the YMCA in the rooms with his favorite tenants.

Anonymous said...

They keep making more homeless people so their friends can make fast big money at the DHS and at these hotels.

Anonymous said...

Makes no difference because Trump and his big mouth just handed the election to Clinton who will do away with borders.
--Now we are both fucked and trapped

JQ LLC said...

Correction, Don Worthless' big mouth from 10 years ago. Which is still repulsive, damaging and institutionally deviant. Curious that this video, which was produced by access hollywood, a show on NBC, who employed Candidate Cheez-it for his reprehensible time wasting shows, in a tour bus sponsored by Verizon has surfaced at the same time as the more revelatory and anticipated Manifest Hillary email hacks involving her Goldman Sachs speech talking points.

Democracy as Armageddon with both of these candidates. This isn't for the presidency, it's for figurehead to direct the concentration of wealth for the elites and which way it trickles down for the citizenry.

You can forget about a free press too, if the national news media conglomerates truly want it. For Trump will oppress any critical impartial journalism by fine or jail and Hillary will just block them from entering any building or public space she's at. The only news that will be distributed will be through certain embedded reporters.

Except for photographers of course. Have to have photo ops. We all know that optics are more important than information. And we must keep up impressions/appearances...

JQ LLC said...

You know, if that video was released that year, NBC would have pulled the plug on his stupid show, it would have damaged his name and brand and lost a lot of business and (possibly, although doubtful since Bloomberg and Giuliani were running the city during those years) lost a lot of city building and upzoning permits, and Don Worthless wouldn't be running for President right now.

Trump's lucky I don't use twitter.

Joe said...

"will just block them from entering any building or public space"

We already have this since Bloomberg created the "Mayors office of film & television" All the access, press, uplink truck parking and tripod permits are handed out by the mayors office.
Most the news people are scared to death to upset the Mayor, Clinton or any Democrats.
When I worked on SNL (NBC-General Electric) several of us got put on 2AM paint stripping duty and fired for not clapping & bowing to Al Gore in the hallway when he was on the show.
Same shit today only worse with monster NBC-Universal (all owned by General Electric) wanting to schmooze all of Europe and take over every TV, radio station, stadium, theater in the EU. The people running the big company's like GE NBC Universal are NASTY mega manipulative sociopath cut throat mother f_ckers BTW, Its beyond imagination of most here.
I been saying this for years !!!

This push to get Clinton in office is in large part payback for Bill Clintons Telecommunication act of 1996 that allowed these media company's to merge into global monsters (deregulation to make monopoly legal)
All these media monsters LOVE and adore globalism and the Clintons and will attempt to throw this election any way they can

Gabel said...

Mayor de Blasio is an idiot. His arrogance is mind boggling. He done more damage to this city since David Dinkins. His hero, BTW.

The man boasts of his overwhelming majority vote electing him. That election had one of the lowest voter turn-outs in history of 25%. The choice between two such mediocre candidates was so bad, that no one felt it worth voting. Craftily seeing the opportunity, what de Blasio did was to marshal his constituencies dependent on government support to go to the polls and vote for him.

Our mayor proudly boasts he won with a landslide victory, winning 75% of the vote. What that really means is 18.5% of the voter base actually voted for him. Which means that 82.5% of New York voters did not.

JQ LLC said...


The Clintons also love big banks, especially banks that merged after the approval of Glass-Steagel Act

NBC, which I believe is owned by Kabletown, I mean Comcast, is responsible for this farce and doom-laden election.

Even the alternative candidates are lame. Gov Johnson is a schmuck and Dr. Stein lacks the gravitas to lead (Her VP actually seems effective though)

Everything in Idiocracy is coming true.

JQ LLC said...

Correction, the dismantling of Glass-Steagel