Saturday, October 22, 2016

Homeless family joins anti-shelter rally, tells de Blasio to stop lying

From PIX11:

More than 100 demonstrators, along with bipartisan coalition of three state senators and two city Council Members, stood at the steps of City Hall Friday to speak out on Mayor Bill de Blasio and DHS Commissioner Steven Banks' mismanagement of the homeless crisis.

"Dump the dope from Park Slope! Dump the dope from Park Slope!" they chanted loudly. The chants have echoed in the outer boroughs in recent months and were heard loud and clear Friday morning.

One of the demonstrators at the rally, Alan Diaz, is a working father of two children. He also has been homeless for two years.

"The system is only getting worse," Diaz said.

The evidence is all around the city's landscape with cardboard, shopping carts and mini-encampments becoming more prevalent.

PIX 11 News asked Diaz if he had any message for Mayor de Blasio considering his office was a few yards behind him.

"To make a change, to make the system better, to stop saying that is better and actually make it better. And stop lying to the people and tell them the truth," Diaz said.

A Mayor's Office spokeswoman responded for the Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Banks in an email statement:

“Local elected officials should have the courage to take on this problem with the mayor, rather than rally against housing homeless children in their communities.”

Raw videos from rally can be watched here.


georgetheatheist said...

Why are there now 10,000 more homeless in NYC than when deBlasio took office? Why were 50,000 there facing his term in office even to begin with?

(sarc) said...

It will be reported that this ONE family is an isolated, disgruntled incident. The other 49,996 participants in the DHS scam are all overjoyed with their handouts.

This homeless family will be punished for biting the hand by which it is fed...

Joe Moretti said...

Worthy-Davis, the mayor's puppet on this issue stated protester are focused on rejecting shelters and also temporary hotel usage -- leaving our city with no viable option to help shelter those in need.

First off NO, that is not what the protestors focused on, deBlasio's mouthpiece , Worthy-Davis, is again LYING. 2nd no viable option, this administration has had time to deal with the situation properly by putting homeless in proper living quarters NOT hotels rooms without kitchens or proper service and then destroying the quality of life in neighborhoods which taxpayers pay this lying mouthpiece's salary.

And as some one who has over 20 shelters in the community I live, I can tell you first hand the problems and behavior of many of the these homeless, but this administration certainly does not show these types instead showing cute little children. SHOW THE ACTUAL TRUTH. They always bring up or showcase "the children" overlooking many of the problematic people in these shelters.

Also these elected officials who were controlling this protest are just trying to save their jobs come elected time. Where where they way before when this was beginning.

Again homelessness - BIG BUSINESS & BIG PROFITS

JQ LLC said...

Most interesting thing about this segment is that at one point Mario Diaz describes the homeless population as "inventory", which could be the most apt description since these people, from here and obviously elsewhere from states with cruel policies towards the destitute, are being exploited to justify the existence of all these hotels that have sprung up the past 3 to 5 years for the purpose of tourism to the city and probably from the cover story of the Lonely Planet a few years ago, so Holiday Inn can continue to thrive as a business with much needed funds for their unused rooms. Men, women and children are basically being used and seen by these hoteliers as product or merchandise, or investments and shares to be traded.

If anything, and even Weasel Banks mentioned, if our city is going to provide sanctuary for people out of state, more funding as to come our way. And that means going after not only our governor (although now that airbnb has been curtailed of their criminal activity thanks to Mario's son, if it did take some flogging from some actual gutsy officials, if might open up some apts, especially those that were kicked out of suddenly touristy spots in Bed-stuy, crown heights and bushwick), for more funding, but also the establishment DNC darling HUD secretary Julian Castro for some much needed cash, not only for new developent but also for perpetually needed NYCHA renovations. I wonder why we haven't heard much from this guy about NY, especially since he was considered vp worthy by Lady Clinton.

Maybe we should ask Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it needs to told and the truth is the truth. The living conditions in these hotel shelters are not good, do not provide a stable environment for the children and often have them shuffled around waiting for the permanent housing. The mentally ill and drug addicts are not getting the help they need.
When ever someone comes out to speak the truth or reveal it why are they called disgruntled? Obviously if conditions were so great no one would complain and just speak out against the protesters. So far I do not see any homeless person/family saying other.
For the protesters they have the right to voice concerns over warehousing people in hotels but they also have pointed out give them a place in a two or three family home. Do not see that yet so the homeless shuffle continues. Keep up the fight and blow the lid off the mismanagement and mishandling of this issue. Hopefully it will help the homeless out. The protesters are advocating for a better homelife for the homeless.

JQ LLC said...

A Mayor's Office spokeswoman responded for the Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Banks in an email statement:

“Local elected officials should have the courage to take on this problem with the mayor, rather than rally against housing homeless children in their communities.”

Sure De Faustio. What a fine embodiment of courage, which surprisingly you have space for in that 6'5" bag of dead dicks shell

And these folks and these officials only wish they had your standards for proper protest. In your case, protest should only be used for political opportunism, voter pandering and manipulation and crafty media optics like the day during your mayoral campaign at the LICH.

Tell us all how that worked out immensely for you, Ye Dope of Park Slope, Mayor Airwolf

Anonymous said...

Worthy-Davis...the homeless need a better home than a hotel room. The very same children you speak of need a stable home environment and not be part of the hotel shuffle.
These people need help and not warehoused in hotel rooms.
I know you have a job and if you want your job you must side with your bosses even when you know these people need more than this and your boss, the mayor promised affordable housing and so far I have not seen any housing of such.
So before you paint the protesters are child hating homeless hating people look around who is actually fighting for them? Who is opening people's eyes on this hotel shuffle? Who is bringing up the affordable housing? Protesters!
Little by little the homeless will speak out about their living conditions. After all what do they have to lose?

Anonymous said...

Homelessness can be treated with parietomy

Anonymous said...

WPIX and WCBS are the only broadcast outlets giving this problem the attention it deserves. Why isnt Fox News or CNN doing the same. Its a national problem affecting all major cities??

Anonymous said...

Democrat De Blasio, serial liar just like Republican Trump.

Anonymous said...

You missed hilLIEry
Have you read wikileaks?
Will hilLIEry's endles open borders help our homeless problem?
Just another dem troll

Anonymous said...

>“Local elected officials should have the courage to take on this problem with the mayor, rather than rally against housing homeless children in their communities.”

Isn't that exactly what they're doing by protesting on the steps of City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Telling de Assio to stop lying is like telling him to stop breathing--which, on second thought is the lesser of two evils that 10 out of 10 New Yorkers prefer over his congenital lies!

Hell, they would even prefer to see his last breath taken TODAY!