Saturday, October 29, 2016

De Blasio will go to ridiculous lengths to malign his constituents and protect his donors

From the Queens Chronicle:

Comptroller Scott Stringer on Thursday called for empathy toward the homeless population in Queens and elsewhere, but added that the mayor’s policies are not working to solve the crisis facing the five boroughs.

Stringer, who is reportedly considering a primary challenge against Mayor de Blasio next year, spoke in front of hundreds of people concerned about the placement of single men at the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth, as well as the 60,000-plus people in the shelter system.

Toward the end of the Q&A session, a homeless couple with two small children living in a Brooklyn shelter told Stringer of the deplorable conditions they’ve lived in — including a lack of privacy, curfews that inhibit them from keeping jobs and mouse droppings in their unit.

“The shelter system is not working for us,” Alan Diaz, the husband, said.

Stringer told Diaz his office would work with the couple to remedy their situation. A member of the Juniper Park Civic bought dinner for the family and the 50/50 raffle winner donated their winnings to the Diazs.

Asked about the comptroller's remarks on the mayor's policies, mayoral spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Davis said in an emailed statement “Scott Stringer is courting a group advocating for kicking women and toddlers onto the street, using White Lives Matter as their protest song. He should be ashamed.”

Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, called Worthy-Davis’ statement “slanderous” and that he has consulted his attorney.

Henry Berger, counsel to the mayor, said in an emailed statement, "We are entitled to present facts and to express our opinions. Neither provides a basis for legal action."

The video produced by the Mayor’s Office has audio of a “White Lives Matter” chant as protesters earlier this month demonstrated outside the Bellerose Inn, which is being used as a homeless shelter but is in the process of transitioning people inside there to other locations. A Chronicle reporter at that rally did not hear the chant and some said the city may have added the audio to make the protesters seem racist.

Here are some of the speakers from the event. I can totally see them at a Klan rally, can't you? (end sarcasm)

Who is trying to divide the city?

Mayor de Blasio.

Who is working toward bringing it together?

The people.


Anonymous said...

Worst mayor ever.

Anonymous said...

As usual you think the problem is one person. Its not.

All NYC politicians, particularly in Queens, are like this with very few notable exceptions.

He is a product of the political culture of NYC where the Democratic Party has hijacked the government to run things for their benefit.

We will look at this issue over time.

Anonymous said...

The mayor and his administration are dividing us as a city and as a people.
This race card has to stop and the healing between ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR begins.
We as a people have our opinions, we have our beliefs and if I remember correctly we have the right to them. Yes we may not always agree with one another but that is ok too. We must learn to live with one another peacefully and learn to respect one another.
This homeless situation is only going to grow and soon the city will run out of hotels.
We need solutions here. We need it fast and dividing us is not helping anyone.
The mayor and his people must realize the seriousness in this problem and the hotel shuffle has to stop.

Joe Moretti said...

Now here is Jamaica’s Rodney Reed citing FACTS and showing much concern for the community, yet the Jamaica ghetto trash did not vote for Reed when he was running against do nothing crooked Jamaica Assembly Member Vivian Cook, who did not even have the courtesy to show up for a debate against Reed. I certainly did not see Cook at the event speaking out. . Sure elected officials are a problem, but so are sheeple in this community who vote against their own interest.

A big problem is most people do not give a shit and do not stand up against shit in their communities, hence why these elected officials like dumblasio do what they do.

Anonymous said...

Alas, it's the 'Stockholm Syndrome' all over again. People living in fear and paralysis that is FOISTED on them by the very same government henchmen to whom they are reliant for survival.

This dehumanizing anarchy is nothing new, folks. The 'Air Dope From Park Slope' is only the LATEST in a long tradition of predatory, dishonest, dishonorable and disloyal leadership that doesn't lead by example to ravage flag, country and Constitution (not to mention the residents of New York City), with impunity!

And, Scott Stringer is another hustler cut from the same soiled cloth of epic, city government fail!

Anonymous said...

Well people better begin by caring for their communities. No one else will and if you think the mayor cares think again.
If more people took a stand and spoke up maybe things would change.
For too long people just let things go by and people like Deblasio just come in and look what happens!
Are your streets any safer with this vision zero?
Are your streets any better with these bike lanes?
How about services like fixing a sink hole? Waiting 25 years for your block to be paved.
Watching garbage trucks with plows on them now but during the snow storm no sight of them and leaving neighbors to clean out their own street.
Watching the graffiti appear all over the place and when you walk past Oneills bar the smell of marijuana can knock you out.
Panhandling is on the rise and you ask yourself are we any better? Homeless is at an all time high and continues to grow. Warehousing homeless in a room in a hotel with no services. Poor living conditions.
Where is your taxes going?
Is there transparency and where is it?
Soon Mayor DeBlasio will look for us the little people to re elect him....well sir you can forget about it! Time for a change!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Holden and the Juniper Valley Civic sues the Mayor, the City and that spokesperson. This is the most outrageous statement yet by this administration.

Camel bladder said...

Wait just a fucking minute here. Did anyone do the math on what this stuffy, runny noise shit head just said here? $40,000,000 a year for 10 years to fix up 2200 NYCHA apts? That works out to over $18,000 per apt each year folks. This is to fix up existing , already built apts! Give me a break. This is why we can't get anything accomplished as a society. We are getting fucked real hard financially on everything that has to be repaired or serviced or built------- and no one questions this shit. How about we question what all of those NYCHA employees are doing on our dime if they can't fix up 2200 existing apts? I mean what can they really need, a new toilet, bathtub, kit cabinets, paint, plaster floor refinishing. What are all of these in house maintenance worker there for?
If we don't learn to question the mismanagement of this simple stuff we will never be able to get control of the bigger picture. There just is not enough money to pay for this inefficiency and serve the downtrodden that really need the help.
And speaking of needing help, is anyone willing to question that "father" of two that was complaining about the conditions in the shelter? He looked like a able bodied young man to me. Why is no one allowed or willing to ask him why he is not working at ANY JOB. The want adds in the papers and online are full of help wanted adds for unskilled work. He should not be given any help until he at least obtains some kind of job, ANY JOB.

(sarc) said...

At this moment you are looking too far ahead already, you all speak of ousting the Comrade from his currently held office next year.

What of this upcoming election?

Without an opposition party in the Albany legislature there is no possibility of turning the "right to shelter" legislation around.

As well as so many other issues!!!

Anonymous said...

We really need to get rid of this 'right to shelter' bullshit.

JQ LLC said...

Here's some more math.

The cost of storing people in hotels and cluster buildings(yes, in my opinion the city is treating people like unsightly and unused things and these venues are storage units) is about 200 a day which comes out to 5200 a month. That is about 2500 above what's considered (or fabricated, whichever you prefer) the market rental rate for apartments. You think with the extra money they would properly maintain these rooms, have proper rodent or bug infestation prevention, and provide them with decent meals.

The system is run sadistically with arbitrary rules and unrealistic curfews, and in the case of that father, improper placement. Who thought it would be a good idea to place that child in a pre-k school in another borough? The people that manage and guard these hotels seem like the most vile characters from Oliver Twist or Great Expectations.

I cannot emphasize what a beastly toady that Ana person is. It's not hard to speculate what other ghouls are acting as enforcers for our corrupt mayor's twisted agenda.

And despite the efforts of Mario Diaz and Jay Dow from PIX and the diligence and persistence of Marcia Kramer of CBS, more coverage needs to be focused on this burgeoning scandal. Which seems difficult for our local media when the majority of housing news is on luxury apartments and recently christened hip towns.

Despite Stringer bringing accountability to the forefront by holding a town hall, these meetings have to allot more time to the constituents. It really was a disservice to the last woman speaking when she got cut off making some valid points. What the hell was the big rush? And what's with the condescension "this was going so well"? Let the people finish.

Anonymous said...

I know many white homeless families . Why do they never end up in the motels in white neighborhoods? Why isn't DeBlasio and Banks helping them? the agenda is to force blacks into traditionally white areas.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the Martinque Hotel on West 33rd Street and 6th Avenue? The City made it a welfare hotel. It was a living hell. I think it was Pakastani's who owned it.

Once it was a luxury hotel then NYC made it a total dump full of crack heads, prostitutes, criminals and dangerously mentally ill people.

Anonymous said...

REBNY rules De Blasio.

Anonymous said...

Do what Rudy and Bloomberg did with out of state way bus tickets back from whence they came!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cops who can't and won't do their jobs and hordes of homeless on the way plus refugees........goodbye NYC. The new Detroit ....or

Anonymous said...

> mayoral spokeswoman Aja Worthy-Davis said in an emailed statement “Scott Stringer is courting a group advocating for kicking women and toddlers onto the street, using White Lives Matter as their protest song. He should be ashamed.”

I can't believe they're doubling down on their lies like that. Maligning his own constituents for disagreeing? We absolutely must get this crook out of office next year!

Anonymous said...

>Without an opposition party in the Albany legislature there is no possibility of turning the "right to shelter" legislation around.

Wasn't "right to shelter" a judicial ruling?

Either way, it does require a legislative act to change it.