Friday, October 7, 2016

DOB has new category of ALT-1 permits?

From the Times Ledger:

Work has been allowed to continue on the land where the Bayside house formerly owned by federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis once stood.

A stop work order for 218-15 40th Ave. was issued in July due to the Alt-1 permit being revoked for work that exceeded the scope of the original plans. The violations have been dismissed, according to a Department of Buildings spokesman, and a new Alt-1 permit was issued in mid-August and took effect in mid-September.

It was not clear why the violations were dropped.

Controversy about the house began brewing in April after neighbor Bonnie Skala Kiladitis noticed the renovations to the four-story house taking a turn for the extreme. Within days, the home had been reduced to the first floor.

An Alt-1 permit requires at least 50 percent of the original structure to be retained during the renovation of any home. The DOB, however, reissued an Alt-1 in this case on the basis that the foundations were still intact and because the building plans had been revised and approved for an Alt-1, a DOB spokesman said. He pointed out that it is at the discretion of a plan examiner to determine how much of the original structure needs to remain to call for an Alt-1.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) has kept an eye on the situation with the property and said the DOB informed him the new Alt-1 permit is what is known as a Big Alt-1 and allows renovation to exceed the usual 50 percent required to be retained.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! A Big Alt-1 ... Unbelievable actually. Too late to file a Zoning Challenge.
How about the DOI??

Anonymous said...

It's just going to turn into another Chinese or Korean crap house equipped with 6 familes living in it. Bayside has been crap for quite a few years now and I gave up caring.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone at the DOB noticed that the Lot Subdivision application shows a Revoke Notice in May??

Anonymous said...

Question 12 -- there are two front yards on a corner.... and no rear yard?? R2A Zoning

Anonymous said...

Elections are coming people, we need to vote in elected officials with balls to take on the corrupt NYC DOB. Tony Avella will bring great change to NYC. He is the only elected who is not afraid to tell the truth. All the others just play the game like little checkers, we need more Tonys!!!

Anonymous said...

was there a connection between the Cecilia Chang embezzlement @St.Johns,suicide,Doanld Manes Parking Viol. Embezzlement,suicide? and a fed.(party hack)judge????