Friday, October 14, 2016

Mayor's office can't keep its lies straight

Now the provider pulled out of the proposal? And here we thought it was Harshad Patel, the hotel owner, who did. At least that's what Steven Banks said to the press a day after his spokesperson said the city backed out after local opposition.

Lies, lies
I can't believe a word you say
Lies, lies, are gonna make you sad someday


Anonymous said...

It is very sad how these people lie to the community and do not realize people are on to them. Our ears are open and so are our eyes. We see and hear the lies of many and yet you want our vote.
You use lies towards us in Maspeth portraying us as racist child and homeless haters.
We in Maspeth know this is not true.
The mayor wants everyone to "carry the burden" of this homeless situation. Do not voice your opinion and protest. Just let the city warehouse these people in these conditions say they are helping them and just let your community go down the toilet as we carry the burden. It is the city's right morally and legally. Is it not fair to us that we are the only state with this right to shelter law? Where are the other states in this? Yet NYC can not take care of their own we must take care of other states homeless? When will they step up to the plate and do what is morally right?
Until then the outer boroughs can kiss the tourism that we do get because Manhattan hotels are too pricey goodbye. We will warehouse the homeless and when the tourism numbers are down and the money is not there only then will the city realize hey why is tourism down? Who wants to stay in a hotel in Queens that is also a shelter?
My question to all politicians are you all liars and corrupt? Where are the ones for the people? Not just for the mighty dollar. What and who are we voting for? This is not reflection on who WE are as AMERICANS! There is still honest trustworthy people out there!

(sarc) said...

These useless politicians have never been held to account for their actions and never will.

They do not care...

JQ LLC said...

Weasel Banks, as the recently awarded Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan once said to hecklers when he went electric...

I Don't Believe You
You're A Liar

Rosanna Scotto has no business being a journalist or whatever she and that accused rapist idiot next to her does every morning on TV.

I'm telling you, that Lonely Planet agitprop from a few years ago declaring Queens the no. 1 tourist destination may have led to all the hotel development in the most remote and communal parts of our disrespected and maligned borough. They are basically hedge bets if tourism lags.
It's time for Schumer, Gillibrand, and all our state members of congress to demand that other states take care of their indigent residents and stop taking advantage of cities legislated to do so.

Our exalted electeds better start caring soon. Especially after Nov. 8.

Anonymous said...

We were against the hotels here especially when we got two of them.
One by a cemetery and the other one near a very busy service road and ramp to the LIE.
No subway.!
You read the comments on these two hotels about the noise, the cemetery, drag racing and lack of subways.
Maurice Avenue traffic had grown due to factories using the middle as a parking lot. It is a place to avoid.
I am waiting for the city to approach the comfort inn about renting out rooms.
Beware communities hotels are bad news.

JQ LLC said...

nice knickerbockers crib, crappy.

follow the bouncing ball, De Faustio, Weasel Banks and the 246

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Maspeth thinks?

You are a microcosm of what is happening around the country where Hillary will get elected because, despite the fact that the entire country has woken to the damage the political elites have done to us, they can throw American journalism to the dogs to get their way.

What is happening in Maspeth, in one way or another, is happening across the city. No one in Manhattan would dump a homeless shelter in a community, but they would tear out the fabric in other directions.

People, reach out directly to each other. Compare how the system is screwing each of you in its own way. Find common cause, and work together.

It is the only that you fight the 'Hillarys' out there that - when its all said and done, have only scorn and contempt for the 'little people.'

Anonymous said...

"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar." - Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Wonder what would happen if Trump becomes president? Something to think about. Because if Hillary becomes president I just see the continuation of the obama agenda.
Will she bash him on anything or will she blame Bush for the past 8 years?
Wait till next year when we vote for mayor that should be very interesting. Let's see who will run against him.

Anonymous said...

Hillary would be weak and pretty much sit in the W H - which is pretty much her agenda anyway.

Trump gets in? They will impeach him almost immediately on a trumped up charge - US will be a banana republic cause the old guard always does shit like that to a populist reformer.

The good thing is while the system is tottering about in its dotage its a great time for the new wave reformers to take the stage.

Anonymous said...

These are the kind of people that de Blaz, city council, and boro hall want running our lives:

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous said...

Wonder what would happen if Trump becomes president?

REALLY, you have no idea from watching this moron on television and the debates. A DISASTER OF EPIC Proportions.

1. He is a narcissist and a dictator in the making (jailing his political opponents), because he obviously does not play well with others and is not a team player. AND he is not very bright. Trump cares about one thing himself and money and his companies would profit tremendously if he was elected president, which the he will not, because the numbers just don't add up when you break it down.

2. He surrounds himself with dumb, corrupt or out for themselves people, like his sons, Christie, Giuliani, Carson and other buffoons.

3. He has no understanding what-so-ever about the world or policies, NONE.

4. He is not the alternative as Bernie was. One, with any intelligence, can see right through this egomaniac.

Now why would so many of the lower economic crowd and the uneducated vote for him when it is obvious he is NOT in their corner, only The Donald's corner. You can't see past the nonsense. I understand the uneducated falling for this snake oil salesman, but smart, educated people. Come on.

Gary W said...

Joe, are you talking about Trump or Clinton?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Honest Joe Crowley and his hangers on, or worse, an event at the Astoria Civic where each of the 24 Vice Presidents are making a speech and its 11:30 and food has yet to be served.

Anonymous said...

Trump is everything you said he is but Hillary is no better.

Anonymous said...

Since the NY media is destroying its credibility to get Hillary elected, we are sharing with you comments about Hillary that respectable non-New York publications are discussing:

"Attention will only properly focus on Hillary when the election is over. Her win would thus be a disaster from the moment that it’s announced. She’s going to spend four years explaining herself."

georgetheatheist said...

Lonely Planet = Looney Planet

Anonymous said...

Joe you are correct but why not shake everything up ?
Vote everyone out and start new !

Anonymous said...

That will show everyone elected they are not "safe" vote.
Vote them out.
No longer are we going to stand for broken promises and just flat out corrupt people who benefit from the little people.
I thought we live in America! Lately I feel like a communist as I as I want but do not open your mouth about it or else.

Anonymous said...

Deblahssio is Lindsay2. Homeless folk know if the come to the city,they will get assistance,democrats will get votes. miss giuliani yet?

Anonymous said...

There not voting forvtrump,they're voting against cliton.

Anonymous said...

Who are the smart, educated people voting for? Hillary Rodham Diane Goldman Sachs Clinton? The people who listen to government-sponsored media propaganda? How many people in top White House or Clinton campaign positions have connections to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc? Why don't you google that? Putin has called all Russian dignitaries abroad to come home as Russia prepares for war with the West, but breaking news is focused on who Trump allegedly fondled 30 years ago... We can't let Hillary look bad.

Does it not bother you that our DOJ, FBI and IRS have been corrupted to serve the Progressive machine? How about our open borders that stack the Electoral College (at this rate CA will dictate who becomes POTUS) in favor of Dems? How about the voter fraud issue? And what of Clinton's promise to alter the 2nd Amendment via Executive Order once elected? I know millions more of us now have insurance coverage thanks to Obamacare, but a $5k deductible means you don't really have insurance does it? So tell me, is this the kind of shit a smart, educated person would vote for?

Gary w said...

Amen to the above

Anonymous said...

Voting for Hillary will continue the Obama agenda.