Friday, October 28, 2016

Whitestone neighbors unhappy with meat dried outdoors

From Eyewitness News:

Chicken and pork, dried and seasoned, have been left hanging from a line in a backyard in Whitestone, Queens.

The home cured meat is causing a clash between neighbors on 7th Avenue, who say the tenants moved in a month ago and the meat went up about a week ago.

"All of a sudden, we had chicken and bacon hanging from the fence and awning next door to my house," said Eugene DiFolco, a Whitestone resident.

Residents say it's attracting flies and rats. They say thankfully the stench simmered down when the temperatures dropped.

"It's to eat. It's to eat for Chinese food," the homeowner said.

A woman at the home told me her family cures to meat to make traditional Chinese food.

The Health Department says in general this is legal if it's for personal consumption and if it does not become a nuisance to other residents.


georgetheatheist said...

"Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more..." ("When in Rome, do as the Romans do...")

Hey Chinese folk: this is America where we don't hang meat outside to the disgust of the neighbors.

My Fujianese neighbor rented to a bunch of "landsmen" 15 years ago and they hung chickens outside. I called the owner and read him the riot act. Chickens came down pronto.

The meat must go! The meat MUST go!

Anonymous said...

If I was a neighbor, my garden hose would "accidentally" wet those lovely dried meats every night.

And who is the asshole owner of the house that lets a tenant dry meat in the backyard? (Probably a Chinese relative.)

If the neighbors are smart, they should look for other violations. If they're drying racks of meat in the yard, they are surely stuffing 10 to 20 relatives in the apartment.

As a former resident of QBH Flooshing, you need to keep on top of this. If not, the whole neighborhood turns into a shanty town overnight.

Anonymous said...

It's been going on for years now !
Even in Oaklands Gardens the once beutiful neighborhood in Bayside.

Anonymous said...

Italians used to hang up sausage to cure.
Peasants are peasants, world wide.
Look at it this way, if you lived in Bed Stuy, you'd have to worry about drive by shootings.
Whitestone....welcome to Flooshing!

Anonymous said...

The "boys" of Malba should be contracted to solve "da problem".
Maybe make them an offer the can't refuse.

JQ LLC said...

Al Fresco for rodents.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting and yet they walk around with masks on because of the air yet they dry it outside in the same air they do not want to breathe in??
Does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

You know the drill:

1. Where are your elected officials and borough hall (and it sure the hell better not be MIA because of vote pandering)

2. Suggest to them that - what they feel is fine you and your neighbors should be city wide - no reason a particular group should be excluded from any part of our fair city for any reason - perhaps we need subsidized housing where this would a common occurrence - say for a Manhattan Community (particularly south of 96 St).

Beats Disney - THIS is the real thing - the REAL NY! Tourists would love it!

Anonymous said...

Vibrant, baby ... and diverse.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

As the article states: The Health Department says in general this is legal if it's for personal consumption and if it does not become a nuisance to other residents.

Obviously, this IS A NUISANCE TO OTHER RESIDENTS, so WTF? Why doesn't the Health Department just do their damn job!


Anonymous said...

Seventh avenue also has quite a few chickens hidden behind picket fences

Gary W said...

What are the rules, can I dress a deer in my backyard?

Anonymous said...

Who is your Cohncilman? Get them to help you.

Anonymous said...

Third worlders! That's all queens is full of!

Anonymous said...

"The Health Department says in general this is legal if it's for personal consumption and if it does not become a nuisance to other residents."

Obviously, this is a nuisance to other residents. So, how about putting a stop to this bullshit already?!?

Anonymous said...

George the Racist:

Outdoor air drying is a curing method which has been used in many cultures for millennia. It preserves meat and fish without the need for refrigeration, salt, or any artificial chemical preservatives.
Yes, this is America. No, you do not get to tell other people what "We" are allowed to do or not do.
The people who cure their food using this sustainable, organic, and 100% Green method are not stupid: rats and other vermin can't get to it. They would be wasting their money if it were accessible to such pests.
Try substituting a little cultural sensitivity, understanding and tolerance for your ignorance, bigotry, and pomposity..

Anonymous said...

We owned a house in Queensboro hill where the Chinese neighbors kept a pigeon coop. They would kill them and dry them too. We rented out our property, so we never complained. But it was gross and noisy.

Keep complaining and don't let up. Otherwise it just gets worse.

(sarc) said...

I wish that I could sample some of those tasty morsels hanging there. the neighbors should befriend them and explore and expand their edible horizons.

I have butchered quite a few deer in the backyards of queens after letting it hang to bleed out or "age" for up to a week. (Often in the garage)

Natural venison an incredibly wonderful, healthy, and truly organic protein, not the "Trader Joe's" deceptively marketed "organic" junk.

How do you think jerky is made?

I have prepared, processed, smoked, and hung to age and dry, many a venison sausage. I have had some excellent results!

I am sure that the "stench" claim is for sensationalism rather than actual rotting smell. The aroma is most likely the spices, seasonings and curing media used, unknown to the narrow-minded Americans, who's only knowledge about international cuisine is Pizza.

You people cannot understand nor appreciate gastronomy...

Unknown said...

I think that when one is face to face with something un familiar one tends to get emotional and unfortunately some people make unnecessary and uncalled for comments. In a public forum like the channel 7 website, the ugly will come out and that is extremely unfortunate.

While this may very well be a cultural thing, there are ways to address it in a manner that respects all parties.

I agree that it can be a health issue and it most likely attracts vermin and other animals. I believe that all cultures coming to America have done things that were looked at as unsanitary and unwelcome. In cases of sanitation, laws were enacted to prevent and curtail such practices. This may be the case where the health department needs to step in and determine if it is unsanitary.

Then we get into the eyesore aspect. That is something that neighbors can and should work out amongst themselves. If the issue can not be resolved , then maybe the buildings department needs to look into the matter and determine a fix.

We need to remember that America is founded on different cultures. With that comes confusion and sometimes conflict. There is no need to make derogatory comments about a specific race or ethnicity. Unfortunately the ugly does show itself at times. And WE AS A PEOPLE NEED TO BE BETTER THAN THAT.

georgetheatheist said...

One hangs laundry on a laundry line, not chickens.

Anonymous said...

Cleanliness next to godliness.

JQ LLC said...

Sure it's hung at height to keep rats, raccoons or feral cats from reaching it, but it attracts them and they wind up going places where they can easily access like neighbor's garbage cans.

I respect disparate culture's but in cases like this they have drawbacks.

Maybe if they get permission or a permit to build a shack back there to hang them so it's out of sight of people and hungry vermin.

Anonymous said...

Spraying some citronella oil with a water gun on it should keep the insects and vermin away

Anonymous said...

This is not permitted outside of NYC where the politicians pass laws to gain votes, not run the city.

For example, Virginia Ham was sold for many many years at roadside stands in the Appalachians. The government banned it because of health concerns.

Sure, curing meat is an integral part of meat production, but is should be in sanitary controlled environment with government inspection - not matter how lax it might be. Sure the hell better than stinking up a community with contaminated food because some politician wants to harvest votes from an interest group.

If they ran their communities properly they would not have to do this crap this this to stay in office.

Anonymous said...

Oh please raccoons can climb...I seen them in action with my hummingbird feeders. They empty that thing every night. Raccoons are very smart and determined.

Anonymous said...

Can't be as bad as the fish and crabs my Chinese neighbors cook All Summer Long in the sweltering heat and rotting in the garbage at night,I'd gladly take the meat hanger any day.
Bottom line,if you can't handle diversity maybe it's time you move.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they can do about people picking up twigs and sticks off the streets and using that the bbq instead of charcoal? The result is an acrid smelling smoke with lots of white fumes and we can't even have our windows open when this occurs. It's DEFINITELY a nuisance! This has been going on for a while, especially during the summer months but everywhere we try to get help we are sent elsewhere. My issue is, the sticks are peed on (by people walking their dogs - and by humans who don't seem to know how to find a bathroom to use instead of peeing on the street)and then the piss sticks smell horrible when they light them to cook their food. This is not cultural, but just idiotic. I may be making a call to someone in the environmental protection office. I swear, the more rules they have the more these people find new stupid stuff to do(and get away with because they are immigrants who decided to come here and feel that they are above the law....ugh)it's no wonder people are fed up with NYC!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Disgusting and yet they walk around with masks on because of the air yet they dry it outside in the same air they do not want to breathe in??
Does not make sense.

They walk around with masks because they have TB.