Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spotlighting adaptive reuse

Take a look at these adaptive reuse projects in Manhattan and Brooklyn and compare them with Queens, where something hundreds of years old and with historical significance will get torn down in a flash with not one elected official giving a shit.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Queens' governmental boobs....from it's community boards.....up on through its council members...up to the top to its borough presidents....are totally lacking in imagination. They are well schooled in greed, furthering their political careers, and accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from rapacious developers.

Donald Manes set the benchmark...."Queens has nothing but land, and I intend to develop all of it"!
Bulldozed many historic sites he did. What is less known is that there were less landmark designations under Claire Shulman (Manes's protege) than under Manes.

If we cannot appreciate creative reuse of our interesting structures, like Manhattan and Brooklyn, then we deserve to be known as the boring, architecturally and culturally bereft borough that we are, when compared to the rest of NYC.
There you have it.

You, the voters, are the only people that can change things. Learn to read between the lines of your city council members' propaganda newsletters.
Vote wisely and do not believe their photo ops, staged to let you think they're on your side.
My councilman, Paul Vallone, is employed by developers to further them developing your's and my neighborhood.
He is a developers lobbyist, moonlighting as your part time city councilman.

I am disgusted, but never defeated. Be sure that you do your part in seeing that our historic sites are not consumed by the greedy political-developer teams.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How soon before one of the Flushing developers puts a match to the Quaker Meeting House on Northern Blvd. in order to buy and develop the site?

JQ LLC said...

I find it an outrage that those dilapidated buildings, which looked just as decrepit if not worse than the RKO queens mentioned here and other should be landmarks that actually looked more structually sound get overlooked for what is targeted for new development and infrastructure improvements by the gentrification industrial complex. The biggest offense is that school in harlem now repurposed for condos. What the fucking hell, don't we have a shortage of school space and student overpopulation, No, the hipshit bobo sucker rental market comes first. When will Rivington House and St. Johns hospital make this collection of photos?

Did I see the Queensway in there. Last time I checked, it is still a pathless cluttered forest. Why is it included with all the others that have had interior improvements? Bad news is, this queensway (stupid name) is going to be a reality.