Sunday, October 2, 2016

Protest at homeless hotel in Meadowmere today

WHO: The Meadowmere Park Civic Association and Maspeth–Middle Village Task Force

WHAT: Joint protest of hotel conversion into homeless shelter

WHERE: Holiday Inn at 154-71 Brookville Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422

WHEN: Sunday, October 2nd, 11am

The Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force will be joining the Meadowmere Park Civic Association on Sunday October 2 at 11am to protest the conversion of a Holiday Inn located at 154-71 Brookville Blvd in the Meadowmere section of Queens, just west of the Nassau County border.

This new hotel, which opened in 2014, is still booking rooms under the Holiday Inn name, but for the past year, the 1st and 2nd floors have been rented out to a social services provider who has contracted with the Department of Homeless Services to place 150 homeless men there. The men are thrown out of the premises at 9am and are not allowed to come back until after 5pm.

They are being forced to exit the building via a “poor door” on the side of the building so they do not come into contact with the paying guests of the hotel. The City Council and de Blasio administration passed a law in 2015 banning “poor doors” in buildings containing both market rate and affordable housing units. Yet the administration’s Department of Homeless Services condones this practice in the hotel shelters that it funds.

With no job assistance offered or public transportation nearby, these men are left with little choice but to wander through this remote residential area. Those with untreated mental illnesses and addictions have been responsible for many disturbances and have become a burden on police manpower.

Maspeth stands in solidarity with the people of Meadowmere who are calling for Solutions, not Shelters.

I gotta laugh at the response to the review. "We appreciate your feedback". Right, but poverty pimpin' is just too lucrative to give up.

By the way, the owner of the hotel is Sam Chang.


Anonymous said...

So at 9am they are thrown out and are to come back at 5pm? What do they do? Where do they go? Do they roam the streets? Do some of them work? Panhandling?
The Holiday Inn is getting some name. Homeless shelters. I want people who go to these hotels with shelters on some floors to report it in their reviews. You pay for your room $179 a night and your taxes pay for the other room. They got us at both ways.
This administration has to find a better solution to this. By using hotels one must rethink staying their because it is a shelter as well as a $179 night hotel.

Anonymous said...

Build a barracks on Governors Island. Oh wait, the city is turning that into an amusement park. Good planning.
How about using Randall's Island ?

Anonymous said...

How about all those non ny state residents go back to their states? Why is their state not helping them? Why are we the only state to have right to shelter? The other states should have this right to shelter. Help out their residents!

Anonymous said...

Love those Maspeth people. These guys are great. The Middle Class of NYC should follow their example on how to fight de Blasio.

Anonymous said...

More on Sam Chang

Anonymous said...

there are plenty and i mean plenty of empty apartments in the south bronx fix them up and they can go there -- simply easy way

Anonymous said...

How about half of them go back to their home countries? It's called Immigration Law. but wait, NYC doesn't allow that.

Anonymous said...

Walk a mile in their shoes Mayor DeBlasio and Commissioner Banks.

Live in one of those motels/hotels for a month along with your families. See how you like it. Hey we set up a corner of a hallway where an ice machine used to be for a microwave and a refrigerator for 60 people to share.

Quit complaining! We got you special flushing toilets and running water, once in a while it's hot water. Anymore complaints the security guards will illegally evict you and because DHS pays the hotel bill are SOL, back on the bricks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The first thing that needs to be done is change to "Right to Shelter Law" New York is the only state that has this law. Pass a residency law, where the person/family must be a resident for one year in NYC to qualify. NYC has so many abandoned apartments and properties. Have welfare recipients rehab them (to earn their check) and move individuals/homeless families into these existing apartments. Much cheaper and the city is not warehousing the homeless. Our taxes keep rising and the quality of life in our neighborhoods is declining. Put a moratorium in place to halt all construction of hotels in the boroughs until further notice. I feel that once they kick the homeless out, these hotels will serve as homes for the 100,000 Syrian Refugees that Hilary Clinton promised once she gets into office.

JQ LLC said...

All of these people are just plain evil. Such a display of defiant hypocrisy. Blaz and Banks LLC's scheme has clearly been going on for quite a while. For this is another choice location, maybe the best yet to hide the worst of the crop like the insolent recidivist criminals and junkies.

This subhuman Sam Cheng has learned a lot from candidate Don Worthless. Very whimisical too, considering that he opened up some of his dives in Alaska because he stops by there.

Holiday Inn and the other chains have destroyed their brand by associating with the likes of this poverty pimp predator hotelier

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of people are purposely kept homeless so these hotel/motel owners can make big money. Shame on DeBlasio.

I agree with the poster who said to amend the right to shelter law. Make it that they have to be residents of NYC for two years and no more immigrants, fake refugees.