Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rockaway hipster hotel becomes homeless shelter

From DNA Info:

The hipster-darling Playland Motel will close on Nov. 1, and the second-floor rooms will be rented to the Department of Homeless Services to house residents, ​officials said.

The owners of the space, which includes a bar, restaurant and hotel rooms, signed a deal with DHS to rent its rooms to homeless families since at least Monday, an official said.

An employee of the motel said the city booked a block of rooms for 10 days this past Monday, but it's not clear how many families are staying at the motel, which only has around a dozen rooms.


Statement from Councilman Ulrich on Mayor de Blasio's Latest Backroom Deal

"Instead of fulfilling his pledge to end the use of hotels to shelter people who have fallen on hard times, Mayor de Blasio quietly signed a deal to use Playland Motel in Rockaway Beach as a homeless facility. I am outraged. My constituents - and all New Yorkers - deserve better.

"Mayor de Blasio's so-called progressive agenda has caused the homeless population to skyrocket. The time has come for this administration to put forth real and meaningful solutions that will actually help people find permanent housing and rebuild their lives. The Playland Motel is not the right answer."


Anonymous said...


(sarc) said...

Where am I going to take my girlfriend.

They had great hourly rates...

Anonymous said...

Well get use to it people this is the mayor's agenda to use all the hotels we have for this purpose. Hey he even said it's legal for tents to be up on the streets.
He does not have a solution to this just a bandaid.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video tour of the beautiful streets of gay Paris. see what we have to look forward to

JQ LLC said...

Funny how this happened when October arrived.

I really cannot and shouldn't indulge in schadenfreude here at the total failure of these hipshits to impose their lame ass zeitgeist and remake 4 blocks into Williamsburgh Jr.

But now the consequences of this failure are even worse for the citizenry there as the Homeless Producers, Mayor Big Pussy and Weasel Banks, with help from these Brooklyn goddamn scumbag vulture funders disguised as foodie entrepreneurs and event planners, have pulled another cunning stunt on a small town. Can't it be a surprise though, for the way De Faustio has treated Rockaway with contempt on the few times he's ventured there. Showing up late for memorials and town parades, being an indian giver with the ferry, designating people protesting the boardwalk's reopening by putting them out of sight on the boulevard, the malfeasance and criminal incompetence of Build it Back and of course all that righteous anger vented towards him from the public obviously got in his vindictive brain.

Now about these fucking cunts that have profited off taxpayers for their little artisan motel, they will, and their most notorious resident faux celebrity chef as said, focus their sites on the gentrifying Averne (good luck with all that, ahem, gang activity, I smell BID chicanery) and Riis Park-a public beach and federal park. Something massively stinks here with the way these types move around. Especially that they basically got paid by the government to do it.

This is their superstar chef by the way...

This scandal is hiding in plain sight, shooting flare guns and sticking middle fingers up high in the middle of it. And under the ruse of charity whilst luxury towers and obscene real estate market speculation/fabrication goes up furiously unabated.

you might like their rates sarc, not so much their decor

Anonymous said...

There is no money to be made in low-income housing. Ergo, there is no money from developers to be given to corrupt politicians. Ergo, there is no low-income housing being built.

Anonymous said...

Question...mayor said every community is part of the solution regarding putting homeless in hotels. Ok may I ask in hotels? Do you have enough of them for every single person and family? Also how is this the solution when there are families still in shelters for some time maybe even a year or two? Some solution huh...where is the affordable housing you promised these people.
Attention protesters like the First Lady said "when they go go high!"

JQ LLC said...

anonymous 4, repost that link

Anonymous said...

Admit it DeBlasio the homeless situation is a big mess in NYC.
The highest since the Great Depression and why is that? The cost of living in this city is expensive and when people have to decide to pay the rent or feed their children what do these people do?
No matter how many hotels you use for the homeless eventually you will have them all filled up. What will you do then?
So go ahead try to "fix" this problem. Reports show living conditions are horrible in these shelters but do you care? You gave them a hotel room.
Why do many opt to be outside? Live in tents?
Sleep in parks?
How about the local news do a report on the living conditions there. How some live in squalor and all you pride yourself on is that you gave them a room with a bed in it but you can not promise them good living conditions.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn goddamn scumbag vulture funders disguised as foodie entrepreneurs and event planners- yup that about sums it up. You forgot money laundering.

I knew something was not right with that Playland Motel. I'm surprised that Whitney hasn't been busted for real yet, guess he had locals holding for him. As they say, if it doesn't come out in the rinse it comes out in the wash. Too bad no one is checking Rinse Cycle.

Good luck getting any business that wants to rent out space under a homeless shelter. and next to a ghetto Chinese take out, two deli's run by Yemeni's and a nail salon where no one goes to get manicures.

Anonymous said...

This is tragic. What a way to destroy a neighborhood. No good will come of this.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the people of Rockaway are not organized the way Maspeth and Juniper Valley are.

Julie B. said...

It doesn't seem like it now, but there will definitely be a time when Deblasio or his successor cannot fit ONE MORE person on NYC land. That will be the day sanctuary city status will have to end. Unless what happens first is that we run out of taxpayer money to feed and house every homeless person on the planet and the feds won't kick in, causing NYC going totally bankrupt

JQ LLC said...

no, I didn't . Money laundering is implied. here's more about the new owners

I look at all these types of places and never see them filled to capacity. Go check out these craft brew houses too, especially Rockaway brewery company (how redundant, and is that company Slate properties?). They barely have any patronage, probably cause there are so many of them and there will be more thanks to Mario's Son and Albany. And if there are customers, I am willing to bet it's the same people everyday, and not even from the neighborhood.

These businesses remind me of the old goodfella "social clubs" back in the day.

Isn't it interesting that the chinese take-out remains.

And maybe it's me. but that wood on the facade of that motel looks like it was pilfered from the old boardwalk after Sandy (5 years she came 2 weeks from now)

Pardon my digression, but at riis park there is a upscale restaurant and bar by the bathhouses that have been open year round since the bobo beach bazaar started. Despite the pitch and putt, I don't know how they operate an open air restaurant. in the autumn and winter months in such a powerful windy area. These aforementioned worms plan on taking their little scheme there next. That place is going to look a lot different next year. Maybe less inviting too, what the gentrification industrial complex wants, our officials give and give, but that's another story for another day.

Most of all good riddance to the Pizza Shit, I mean Pizza Nazi. Get the fuck out the rock and die along with your groupies. I'm flabbergasted that you resisted arrest and the cops didn't put you in a chokehold, tazed, or shot you. Consider yourself lucky that you are protected by investors. And your pizza is bland and not even as satiating as Mama Celeste from the toaster oven.

(sarc) said...

Julie B

They will just build UP.

Dhaka Bangladesh has THREE TIMES the population density as New York City.

We have a long way to go and there are billions of people all yearning to be free, I mean looking for freebies...

Anonymous said...

The city is showing if you rise up and make noise they will use anything from lies and sending their own people to spy on you.
They want to show other communities this is what happens when you excercise your right to peacefully protest.
He keeps saying it is a citywide problem abd needs a citywide solution.
In some communities he just puts them there and nothing is said to the community. Yet he comes to Maspeth and informs the residents of the proposed shelter. What did he expect?
This administration portrays us as racist child haters and even told the homeless in Bellerose oh we are violent. We are not racist violent child haters. We are actually looking out for homeless people by saying putting them in hotels is not the solution but the promise HE made of affordable housing has yet to be seen. He does not want to spend anymore money on fixing up run down abandoned buildings so his solution is using hotels to warehouse them.
Well it is not a solution.

JQ LLC said...

Keep a closer eye on that building on B 94th street. Which actually might help homeless people because those apartments have kitchens.

Anonymous said...

B. 94th Street and shore front building in Rockaway have same owners, different shell companies (but same people) as building on B. 96th and the Assisted Living place on B.95th. Supposedly you have to go through a housing lottery. what's going into the B. 96th Street building is coming out of the shelters and they are lowering the quality of life. along with the creepy crew that is always next door to where Playland is. Unemployed able bodied males hang out in front of the Yemeni delis/smoke shop 24/7 with their pit bulls. not to mention the crack dealers in front of 211 and 213 B. 96th street. just follow the loud music.

Anonymous said...

How about helping the community out after Super Storm Sandy before you shuffle and warehouse people in another hotel.

JQ LLC said...

Now that the hipshit consortium has bailed (I think because of that idiot Pizza Shit, maybe nuisance abatement was used?) and has plans to remake Averne, that B94 building with the seedy links, predatory equity, prison profiting and LLC anonymity, it's certain to be a homeless shelter now.

There's also another hotel going up. Despite the sunny speculation about it and how demented this venture seems, this restaurant just shut down suddenly with their employees finding out a week before about it. keep your eyes peeled.