Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Homeless shelters opening in Queens at breakneck pace

From PIX11:

More than 100 people packed a Knights of Columbus hall to protest a move by the owner of the Playland Motel to house homeless families starting last Friday.

Cayuga Capital, owners of the space which includes a popular bar, restaurant and hotel, signed a deal with the Department of Homeless Services to rent its rooms to homeless families. Community members say no one was aware of the deal until after it happened.

"I don't know if it was middle of the night," City Councilmember Eric Ulrich, "people want to know how many homeless are here, what services are being provided, how many more are coming."

All the city's Department of Homeless Services would say is there is no plan to convert the location into a permanent shelter.


The best part of this is that taxpayers payed for empty rooms there.

East Elmhurst is also getting yet another shelter.

Friends, Queens is under siege by this administration. Friday morning, let them know that we aren't going to take it. Join the rally at City Hall.


JQ LLC said...

This is sick, so the city is using the public's money, without representation, to pay to reserve these ugly rooms as if they were poverty pied-e-tierres.

If mckee hickey, kaity tong and PIX would make a little effort, they can see the roaches making money is this hipshit gentrification and culture cabal- Cayuga Capital, these manchild venture funders and their franchise lunatic chef, who apparently is involved with those other foodie wunderkinds in some joint airbnb boat lodging scheme, which wound up getting torched.




Anonymous said...

We are being besieged by this crisis and there is still no solution just the homeless shuffle.
The mayor and DHS want to use every single hotel in Queens to shuffle and warehouse these people. Once they are in the city forgets about them and they do not get the proper help or devices they need. All the city is wants is to put everyone in a room and off the streets. But the streets are still full of homeless people.
Question why are these people not in the hotel rooms or shelters provided by the city?
Is it because the conditions are so bad and people do not feel safe in them?
Mayor deBlasio do you think these are proper conditions for these people?
You will be known as the guy who does the hotel shuffle and Banks and his press secretary Just dance along with you as these people are shuffled along from room to room with no promise of any help.

Anonymous said...

Of course! Mayor De Blah Blah wants to hide the homeless from the tourist corridor in MNhattan. It's bad for business.
So he farms them to the outer boroughs. And....you do not get more "outer" than Queens.
Problem solved for Der Wilhelm Der Blauz.
Or is it?
The homeless are the pawns in the NYC chess game here. Us residents are also the victims of our clueless mayor.
Please take your meds Billy boy.

Anonymous said...

They move them in the cover of darkness.
They moved them from place to place.
Where is the stability?
They forget about them.
Do you actually think this plan of yours will get you reelected?

Joe Moretti said...

And where is the Queen Bitch Melinda Katz on all of this or is the World's Borough AKA Third World Borough going to be renamed the Homeless Borough.

Anonymous said...

I want to attend so badly but am not able to get the day off from work! Are there ever any anti deBozo demonstrations on evenings or weekends? If any of you are able to go, please do. Don't think that this crap can't affect your neighborhood!

kapimap said...

And i thought playland motel was already a shelter.
That motel is like junkie central early this summer. Everyone looks like zombies near this motel.

Anonymous said...

I see that Count Dracula (aka Eric Ulrich), awoke from his crypt (again), and just in time to run for another 'cradle-to-grave' position for which he is intensely underqualified to serve (like the one that he PRESENTLY doesn't serve his subjects right now, but who nevertheless still gets paid)!

I can set my watch to how this useless lackey (and his 'Friends & Family' city payroll), awakens once, or maybe twice a year to seize another opportunity that reinforces 'selective' and 'occasional' representation, with the end result being to keep HIS OWN payroll in perpetual mode——exactly like my wristwatch——only my timepiece has REAL PURPOSE and LIEF-AFFIRMING MEANING. The other tightly wound mechanism of self-enrichment? NOT SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

They better come up with a plan quick. It will be getting colder very soon and the city will mandate transport of homeless people to shelters. Queens will get people from the Bronx and Manhattan to fill beds.

(sarc) said...

The powers that be may have again learned that they need to act before their subjects, serfs, and indentured servants are apprised and a rebellion need be quelled.

These un-elected, uncountable, bureaucratic apparatchiks working to provide cover for the despotic potentates masquerading as our so called elected public servants.

I imagine the consent of the governed is rapidly being replaced by a request for mercy and forgiveness after such transgressions committed "unknowingly" by their subordinate minions "helping" the homeless.

There are twenty days until our next election, and I can predict with great certitude that a vast majority of fools will re-elect their same overlords to continue their own continued oppression and servitude.

I see it as a psychological phenomenon and defect defined as Stockholm Syndrome...

Anonymous said...

East Elmhurst is also getting yet another shelter

Another shelter, or do you mean another hotel in East Elmhurst is receiving a homeless housing contract?

Anonymous said...

Look, this can easily be solved.

The pols rely upon image. You now have every right to take them to the cleaners.

This means letters to the editor in the fawning gutless Queens press demanding that they do something to cover this or threatening to boycott their advertisers.

Joe Crowley - the fact that is he the head of a vast network of people that accept campaign money from developers that destroy neighborhoods should be of interest to his social set in Virginia - I mean hell, if he does that here what is stopping him from doing the same there, eh?

Jimmy Van Bramer, Mr Majority Leader himself - and NYC Mayor wannabe - maybe he can blow off your concerns about your community and your kids cause his community is landmarked and he has no kids. So why don't he take homeless in his community.

And the last for the best and most worthless, Malinda "the wind bag" Katz. I think a letter writing campaign in every press asking her to come out to Maspeth and met the people herself.... or be labeled a pandering gutless do nothing that is a liability to our borough and be painted as so odious she should be thrown out by County themselves.

Anonymous said...

Bus ticket therapy.
Because "build it and they will come."
There is an unending supply of people down on their luck. The homeless shelters we make here will be filled up, no problem, and we'll be out of space again.
Bus. Ticket. Therapy.

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous now. When will they just find a permanent solution to this homeless problem? The homeless in this city are getting treated better than the working class in this city. I struggle to pay rent every month, maybe I should just become homeless and get a free room in a hotel too. The 1800/month I am paying in rent is just too much money to live around third world trash. Maybe being homeless will get me free housing. Us working class people are the real dummies in this city. We pay for everyone else while we gets crushed every year. Never any reward for the hard working.

Anonymous said...

Or is the hotel in East Elmhurst renting out rooms with out a contract?
All about the mighty dollar bill people. Follow the money trail. Somewhere someone is getting paid real well for this and on the backs of the homeless and tax payers!

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers in northwest Queens are concerned that yet another hotel, this one in East Elmhurst, could be converted by the city into a homeless shelter.

Congressman Joseph Crowley, state Senator Jose Peralta and Assemblyman Francisco Moya said on Monday that a 288-room Courtyard by Marriott located at 90-10 Ditmars Blvd. “has potentially been slated to house a population of up to 60 homeless single men.”
look at this. From the blog QNS.... see how lawmakers including Joe Crowley are upset. How sweet. Isn't the Queens press lovely?

Kew Gardens 23 said...

What a damn shame...but Queens will still vote for De Blasio. The Queens Giuliani voters did not turn out for Lhota because Joe Lhota was a horrible candidate..the worst GOP mayoral candidate ever! He couldn't even get more than 30% of the vote.

Queens residents need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Every Queens bourogh president since Mannis was a crook,queens deserves to fall,your million dollar ghetto is about to correct housing prices

Anonymous said...

Jamie Wiseman (AKA Cayuga Capital) also operates Output. Maybe folks should protest there? I doubt the bitch would like her "upscale" clientele to become familiar with her (lucrative) side business as a poverty pimp.


Anonymous said...


JQ LLC said...

Wiseman is a guy. A corrupt guy. Great link by the way. It shows how the oversaturation of foodie bullshit and craft brew bars are placed at the expense of the true citizenry and common sense in general. Eric Adams is as bad as our Melinda.

Cayuga Capital is begging for a investigative enema. They are trying to take their bastardization and branding of Brooklyn to take over Rockaway. Time to see their campaign donor files. I'm looking at Meeks and Richards. And of course our caring, exalted corrupt mayor.

Anonymous said...

Like how Ulrich is directing people's attention at the mayor.

The problem is their representatives not doing their work by stopping the mayor.

Make a count on how many of them show up.

We all know that the public is only involved in dog and pony shows.

Anonymous said...

None in northeast Queens.....heaven forbid.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, Anonymous, with your comment, "Like how Ulrich is directing people's attention at the mayor." (I correctly call him 'Derelict Dullrich.' He's an embarrassment to ACTUAL primates!)

So, the problem has ALWAYS BEEN with how our vastly overpaid representatives continue to enforce a 'dereliction of public duty' by NOT doing what We the People expect, insist and demand that they ACTUALLY work toward any hint of productivity to finally prevail (besides their stressfull day of 'lunch-and-a-manicure'), and once the obligatory dog and pony show is over, these arrogant, cowardly sewer rats just return to their party-machine-failed nests and practice their party machine's mantra, credo and edict: 'Delay, Deny——And, Hope That You Die' (where people actualy HAVE died, whilst waiting for all pretense of government help, which is an illusion, and trust——which is for suckers!)!

Then, pipsqueak puppets like 'Derelict Dullrich' go back to their party bosses and exhort a resounding plea of: 'Don't Blow MY Scam——And, I Won't Blow YOURS!' And, the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned (like watching 'Groudhog Day' on a loop that never ends)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Back off Eric. So his staffers are all stuck up snobs who hate speaking to the constituents with their endless problems, but what else is new?

If the City- DHS- will not tell you how much was paid to the owner of Playland Motel, I will. He got a check last week for $20,000.

for the poster who stated that Playland is Zombie central because of the people hanging out in front, look at what is next door - 2 delis owned by Yemeni's- Look at the action outside. that is all over Rockaway - drug dealing. CRACK.

Anonymous said...

What say you, BP Katz?

Anonymous said...

To the ignorant Anonymous who gave Eric Ulrich a free pass by telling everyone to back off! REALLY, Anonymous. So, if you don't work at your job, does your boss likewise back off?

In case you didn't get the memo, this mega parasite from Ozone Park (and his taxpayer-funded 'Friends & Family payroll) are robbing the city every day by simply ignoring their constituents with impunity, of whom I am one.

So, according to you, 'laying off' a publicly elected slacker like Ulrich (who remains in failed public service because of low voter turnout!) actually ABSOLVES him?? Who are you, his mother (or party boss)?? You know what happens when overpaid leadership doesn't lead by example? Crime, lawlessness, vigilantism and a disregard for other living things, exactly like this intensely incompetent public fool ignores his civic obligations with impunity (and, ironically and tragically rewarded for monstrous failure). This is government tyranny!

Worse, where is any censure and punishment when a derelict councilman simply stops working? Do We the People just look the other way and take matters into our own hands? Your attitide is disgusting and only reinforces why there exists so much rampant, city council corruption in NYC in the first place--corruption that rises straight up to the highest point of City Hall dysfunction, including the biggest example of systemic corruption and fraud of them all: Wilhelm de Blasio himself!

Anonymous said...

Notice how most of these shelters wind up in what are considered the crap nabes of Queens.
Have you seen one homeless shelter in Douglas Manor? Never! That's where the Mattones live.

Anonymous said...

LOL...councilman Ulrich?
Is he old enough to vote?