Monday, October 24, 2016

You can still vote if you die

From CBS:

This election cycle is dredging up the pain of the past for one Queens woman.

Michelle Dimino’s father, Anthony Baldomir, passed away in October 2012. Since then, she’s been receiving his absentee ballots for the primaries and general elections.

Dimino has made several calls to the board of elections, even sending her father’s death certificate on more than one occasion, but said he is still on the registration list.

“If I’m getting these, there must be in NYC alone hundreds maybe thousands of these going out to dead people. What are they doing with them? Are they shredding them, or ripping them up, or are people just mailing them in?” she said.

CBS2 reached out to the board of elections for comment but have not heard back yet.


JQ LLC said...

This is a hyuge problem. Something that establishment dems and the H-> campaign/DNC/news media continues to undermine and discredit. Is this how these people want to elect the first female president? And do they even think that republicans might take advantage of this too?

These disparate polls are very perplexing. I noticed that imbecile Gary Johnson lost 10 percent which I am pretty sure is now going to Don Worthless. Which would actually make this election closer than it seems.

Nov. 8 is looking really fucked up right now.

Anonymous said...

Now this is right? Number of times they come around for signatures and I tell them my mother is dead. You send in death certificate and still nothing.
Something should be done to correct this. Especially since they sent out little cards to take to your polling place. Anyone can go with the card and be that person. Must have a better system.

Anonymous said...

Perfect....a lot of our elected officials are dead themselves.
But, they are live wires when it comes to supporting the developers who , in turn, support their political campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Trump is correct about bogus elections. Its about time we professionalize the process and get the hacks out of it.

GaryW said...

ID, paper ballot, and purple finger dye. Less civilized parts of the world have figured it out.

As for absentee ballots how hard is it to cross check with the coroner?

Roger said...

The assumption is that people would knowingly sign a dead person's name and illegally vote in that person's name. This is only an opportunity to break the law; there is no reason to suppose anyone would take it.

Anonymous said...

So far, one known case of this in all of Queens (population: over 2 million). This is not a bigly yuge problem.

Anonymous said...

"As for absentee ballots how hard is it to cross check with the coroner?"


JQ LLC said...

yes, one that was reported. And the recent and repeated stat that there have been only 31 cases of voter fraud nationwide. But just because some things are illegal, doesn't mean people won't take advantage. Examples City Hall and Albany. Most recent example is that idiot Magnamo from L.I.

The reason this is a bit more significant, because this election features the four worst and most unqualified candidates today and maybe in the past 160 years (except for Shrub and Harding). And both of the leading candidates are using fear tactics, especially the specter of fascism and the prevention of it, to garner support and votes. Chicanery and malfeasance on November 8 seems inevitable.

From both campaigns.

Although I don't want fascism, it disturbs me to think that the Dems would go far to prevent it by manipulating the vote count through this method.

All this is reminding me of the Simpsons classic when Sideshow Bob ran for mayor, with an elite wealthy cabal of republicans backing him.

Anonymous said...

Fraud may start when registering new voters. They are supposed to be US citizens, but those registering them are not allowed to ask them for proof of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

what is the procedure for checking if dead neighbors & family are still on the registration books ?will they permit looking at the book when we vote in nov?

I always show my ID ,but they never ask voters for it.

Pete Burns said...

Vote early and vote often!

Anonymous said...

I doubt this is widespread. My aunt died in Dec 1996 and my father in June 2006 --both voted in the same Election District as I, here on the upper east side. When I went to vote at the following elections I inquired about their names, both had been removed.

Even if a deceased person is still listed that doesn't necessarily mean that anyone will be voting in their name and the "fraudster" would have to know the full name and address of the deceased and their signature is supposed to match what is in the book.

This is a 'trumped-up" problem to absolve the huge ego of a loser.

Anonymous said...

It takes the city about 2 years to remove a deceased person from the rolls - mother in law passed away in May and we got an absentee ballot for her for this election.

The fact is the system is intentionally corrupt and you have to agree with Trump on this one - there is no excuse for this and for the loser to chuckle and say its 'just the boys' acting up in the face of this fraud is a great disservice to the public.

Hold their toes to the fire Donald!

Anonymous said...

You are being trumped by Trump's trumped up nonsense, fella.
Here you have a bogus problem solver expecting to solve all problems. "Only I can fix it".
Yeah, right.
He rigs his deals, so how will he eliminate rigged elections?
C'mon, if you have got to believe in a savior , look for a real one.
And, her majesty Hilary, ain't no bargain either.

Anonymous said...

I just sent in my deceased mothers mail in ballot,it was her last wish to see a woman president,sorry Mom,you just voted for Donald.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten already how two-three years ago, there was an outcry about this, so the BoE became more proactive in removing voters from the rolls when they didn't vote for a few years - and then, during this year's primaries, there were tens of thousands of people who were inspired by Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump to go vote for the first time in years, and found themselves no longer listed to vote?

There were articles on it right here on Queens Crap.