Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Delayed sewer project means prolonged flooding in Far Rockaway

From CBS New York:

In Far Rockaway, Queens, water has been collecting in the streets for months. And as CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported, the freezing temperatures are now turning the streets to ice.

One resident recently took a video of a car stuck in the water.

The pool of water, several inches deep, is believed to be overflow from the sewer and nearby Jamaica Bay.

“The water freezes up, so when I’m pulling out of the driveway, I’ve got to put the car in four-wheel drive because two wheels, the car just keeps spinning,” resident Charles Burkhead said.

The sidewalks are also icing over, making walking dangerous.

When residents call 311 or local politicians, “they do not do anything, so the water just stays here,” Burkhead said.

Residents said that Monday they were told a city project set for 2015 to help rebuild the sewer system is now being put on hold.


Anonymous said...

Funny how organizations controlled by developers like the Queens Library always has generous amounts of money for capital projects and southern Queens has only generous amounts of promises.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bloomberg.


J said...

Apparently,That vindictive trial size mayor did not forget the treatment he got when visited the rock after sandy.

The neglect is intentional.Malicious and cruel.No other town after sandy has been overlooked like the rockaways.More power to the town,rise up and kick the hipsters out before they make living there unaffordable too.

Anonymous said...

is this in Rockaway Beach or Far Rockaway? they are different neighborhood & districts.

If it's Rockaway Beach, the CAC company that has been replacing the sewer and water lines since February 2012 did absolutely no preparation for Hurricane Sandy.
their digging was resposible for streets from Beach 87 to Beach 95th from the Shorefront to Rockaway Freeway, under the subway el being totally flooded and no draining for up to three weeks!

Please get your reporting right. Far Rockaway is not Rockaway Beach. Rockaway Beach got most of the damage. Far Rockaway, while the residents received the bulk of government aid because they are black and Spanish, had very little damage compared to Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, Neponsit, Belle Harbor and Breezy Point.

Far Rockaway residents know those neighborhoods well because that's where they went to loot, rob, terrorize and act like the animals that they are.

Anonymous said...

The Real Estate vampires are counting on the surfers to force the rents up and make it impossible for working people to live in Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should learn how to speak before they state that the City has let them down. Did anyone ask if either one has a legal right to be in this country?

They could write a manual on how to bleed a system dry. These people are always playing the victim card. If they don't like Far Rockaway there is an airport close by. They can take a plane home.

It's Far Rockaway, where you can't walk your little dog outside because the drug dealers will steal it to sell on Craig's list.

Anonymous said...

Move out of the Rockaways already. Make it all a park.