Sunday, December 29, 2013

DOT: Destroying landscapes one street tree at a time

This is part of a letter sent to DOT from a member of Kissena Park Civic Association
"While it is understood that NYC DOT is required to maintain a functioning infrastructure, it should not occur at the cost of our important street tree assets. Observed was intentional damages to a healthy, veteran curbside pin oak street tree and several other curbside trees during curb restoration by the NYC DOT SIM program (Sidewalk Inspection & Maintenance).
As otherwise would be required by Parks Forestry the magnitude of mechanical damages and harm to trees roots that occurred, saw that BMP arboricultural planning, supervision and oversight was not provided at this location by NYC DOT and its field crew.
As a result numerous important tree roots were needlessly ripped and torn, both harming the street tree and diminishing its importance to the community- when an alternate approach was clearly available. One may call this troubling treatment of our community trees, "business as usual".
And many from our community wonder why we continue to see business as usual tree abuses by City agencies and their leadership, who clearly should know better."


Joe Moretti said...

NYC is a totally fucked up broken down system that has not worked for some time. DOT, DOS,DOB, first off need completely overhauled.

It amazes me that I cannot get DOT to take care of some issues here in Jamaica, but in this case they will be glad to destroy trees.

Go figure.

Joe said...

What was wrong with that street for them to do that ?
The bastards did the same thing on Westmorland street in Little Neck over 3 years ago. Most the huge old trees died and have never been replaced (the Asians poisoned the rest) all you see now is 2-3 foot wide stumps.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the third world, chumps.