Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Problem corner in Jamaica gets cleaned up

"As snow fell early Saturday morning, a crew armed with obscured fencing, high power drills and other tools transformed the corner of 108 Street & Merrick Boulevard.

This metamorphosis is a Christmas gift to residents from team P/J. Especially my comrade, Joe (Moretti). As reported previously, Joe originated the 11/1 quality of life tour that resulted into this face lift. Thanks also to Tony Avella, NY1 and others who came out in the pouring rain.

One of the crew members was smiling; he appeared pleased with the job. Another was fetching tools out of the truck parked near-by. According to a crew member, Metropolitan Lumber hired them.

Team P/J will continue to use our Method of Operation. We will Not negotiate with crooked politicians and quality of life terrorists. We will clean our community by, WHAT EVER THE HELL IT TAKES."

- Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh. I bet the fence will be covered with graffiti in no time. Good start anyway. Keep up the momentum.

Anonymous said...

A Christmas miracle!

Anonymous said...

Lets see how long that last for. ....do a follow up of that story next month!