Friday, December 20, 2013

Huang on the hook for replacing mature trees?

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Department of Buildings and the city Planning Commission decided this week that removal of trees in a Fresh Meadows Special Planned Community Preservation District constitutes substantial modification.

The word “substantial” had been debated for a week before the DOB took action against the owner of the former Klein farm for cutting down several large shade trees on the 2.5-acre property at 194-15 73 Ave.

An Environmental Control Board violation was issued Wednesday for the significant modification of an existing landscape at the site in violation of zoning, according to DOB spokeswoman Kelly Magee. The ticket cites illegal removal of trees.

No date has been set for the ECB hearing and possible fines were expected to be determined later this week.

The site is owned by Audrey Realty, a firm of convicted developer Thomas Huang. Henry Huang, his son, denied knowledge of the tree removal last week.

Marie Adam Ovide, Community Board 8 district manager, said Huang may be forced to plant large trees to replace those felled.


Anonymous said...

Yea, right. We heard this story many times before. Huang path of destruction will continue unabated. Why does the city close it's eyes to the illegal doings of this creep, then have to deal with the damage. , and then eventually let Huang off the hook anyway, without any restitution ?

Jerry Rotondi said...

they should hang him from one!

With pitchforks and torches in hand the angry villagers cry out, "Hang Huang"!

Yeah, I like that idea.
What's the jury's verdict on that?

Anonymous said...

Are there any of Bloomberg's "million trees" left to replace them?

Anonymous said...

Anyone can plant a tree in any park in Queens that they wish.

Ask Parks Commissioner Lewendowsky and legendary CB1 bigshot / Dutch Kills Civic honcho / Queens Library Board of Developers / CALDC czar Mr. "Upzone" Stamatiades about the Douglas Fir they planted in the middle of Astoria Park.

They will tell you on how its done.

Anonymous said...

Really?!?! That f**king family owns this property. I really had enough of their path of destruction. Can the whole borough of Queens take them to court and shut them down???

Anonymous said...

Those Huangs have chutzpah. Still at it. They must love being in the news. You have to hope that they eventually get theirs. The NYS AG was a disappointment. They should have gone to jail.

Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Yea they denied knowledge of the tree removal? What do trees just all of a sudden walk away now on their own?

Anonymous said...

Audrey Realty Corporation - July 12, 2001. NYS Corporation

Present status: Surprise, surprise:

INACTIVE - Dissolution by Proclamation / Annulment of Authority (Oct 28, 2009)

Chief Executive Officer:


The family has many, many inactive corporations owning property in Queens County.

There is a reason that they do what they do. Apparently, the City and State of New York have given them free rein to do as they please.

Did anyone get the name of the service that removed the trees?

Surely, someone paid to have the trees removed. They just did not disappear.

Anonymous said...

I like you do we find who owns the Farm now? If they liquidated their assets on dissolution, who owns the property now?

Good work!

The trees were cut by the company which holds a contract with the owners of Fresh Meadows. There may be a picture.


John I-Gotti-dem-all said...

Iffa dissa werra de old days, i'd put out a hit on da whole family.

Anonymous said...

Can someone look at this document which shows that a property on Roosevelt Avenue was assessed for $365,312 but a buyer purchased it for over $5 Million ...

Was just trying to find Audrey Realty which led to New Charlie Tseng Corporation, but doesn't this seem like some kind of funny?

Anonymous said...

The trees were cut by Brickman Landscaping ... the same company which does the landscaping for Federal Realty, owners of Fresh Meadows Development.