Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Citywide Graffiti Task Force ain't what it used to be

"Saw this on Metropolitan Ave in Middle Village. I also see a lot more graffiti all over Queens. Apparently the city no longer cares, as they have let the Citywide Graffiti Task Force dwindle to 11 cops. That's 15% of what they had 10 years ago." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

"Graffiti Task Force"?

You mean to tell us that they were using cops at approx 90K/yr each to chase assholes with spray cans?

Today it costs almost nothing to buy a packaged video security system. If you have a private home or business that is plagued by vandals -that is an effective way to deter it.

Anonymous said...

Most graffiti is on public property.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen flooshing lately? Even that's becoming graffiti overbearing lately. So yes, I have noticed the increase of graffiti.

Joe Moretti said...

Graffiti is huge in NYC anymore, especially in Queens. But as usual the greatest city in the world does not give a shit about too much unless it affects the mega rich, everyone else gets a big Fuck You. I was not a fan of Rudy, but when he was in office the quality of life was much better.

Anonymous said...

Find out who oversees this program and you will understand why this is not an effective program- A do nothing, do just enough for the publicity and then take long lunch breaks Latino.

Look at who they send to paint over the graffiti. that's the problem.

Instead have local independent contractors in all five boros. Hire professionals instead of juvenile delinquents giving kick backs to the above mentioned Lazy Latino.

Joe said...

The city should have retired members of the Ridgewood Boogiemen operate the task force.

If you remember back in 1978 during the worst graffiti epidemic in history Ridgewood, MV and Glendale was pretty much free of it.
The Boogiemen would catch and beat the hell out of 'spray art" and car vandals. Easy to catch since they always ran south or to the closest M train platform. This was long before cable TV, computers and internet. Now people have become lazy useless sheep who cant even help themselves or vote logicly.

Kurtlove666 said...

Peter Vallone is anti-graffiti for one reason and one reason only...back in the early 1980's, Peter ran to his daddy and told on a bunch of the guys that hung out on Shore Boulevard because the tougher guys picked on poor little ol' Petey-pie. His daddy pulled some strings with the 114th and got the cops to shut down Shore Boulevard(our favorite hangout). As a result of Peter's bullying, the victims of his family's power then started writing "Peter Vallone Is A Faggot" and "Peter Vallone is a PUSSY" and "Peter Vallone Is A Rat" all over Astoria park, especially on the Hellgate Bridge base, as well as the sundeck that overlooks Astoria pool. In really big, bright letters. For everyone to see. THAT is the real reason he is so anti-graffiti, NOT because he cares about what Queens looks like. On a related note- his younger brother Paul was always a really good dude, and his mom was a sweetheart. I grew up no more than 4 blocks away from the Vallone family, and Mrs. Vallone was my grade-school teacher at a private Catholic school in Astoria.

J said...

The scourge is going to get worse,thanks to social media.These vandals and wannabe banksys will be able to text each other if the cops are coming,if they are not already doing that.

but I may be giving them too much credit since that would require thinking,which the majority of everyone between the ages of 12 and 40 in this city lacks.Its certainly willful indifference by officials in middle and lower class neighborhoods.

your move Blaz

Ms. Tsouris said...

I've noticed an uptick in graffiti in Bayside, where I live. I have no idea which vandal would come along and spray illiterate ravings on the side of a business establishment, but that's what's happening. Maybe Paul Vallone our local carpetbagger will do something about it? I hated Giuliani, but at least he was a Queens resident who didn't marginalize the entire borough and neglect it the way Bloomberg has.

Anonymous said...

If the world renown aerosol art mecca 5 Pointz had stayed open...there might have been less graffiti, than currently witnessed, on the rise...since it closed.

5 Pointz offered a LEGAL OUTLET for graffiti artists. It redirected their attitudes and kept them off the streets.

Perhaps many are now expressing their rage for its closure by turning to illegal expressions and scrawling. Who really knows?

The closing of 5 Pointz was a bad move for NYC...and Councilman Van Bramer is to blame for not supporting 5 Pointz...perhaps for the increase of graffiti.

Thank you...jerk wad Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

The vandal squad was using cops at 90K a year?

Mamma mia!

They're known as the NYPD's rubber gun squad.

Anonymous said...

The city should have retired members of the Ridgewood Boogiemen operate the task force.

Would be great, but the media would be all over the Boogiemen for hate-crimes, profiling, and civil rights violations, for targeting the poor minorities who are, of course, the "real victims" (of society).