Monday, December 30, 2013

City programs will miss Bloomberg's $$$

From Capital New York:

Numerous city programs funded by Michael Bloomberg's personal fortune will be left hanging in the balance when he leaves City Hall this week, from an initiative to help young men of color find jobs to a massive tree-planting project.

The billionaire mayor, criticized to great effect by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio for closing his eyes to income inequality, has used his personal charity, Bloomberg Philanthropies, to pay for programs throughout city government, furthering his own policy priorities and filling in gaps when taxpayer dollars fell short.

The extent to which Bloomberg will keep supporting such local initiatives is unclear, as he turns his attention to national and international endeavors.

Yep, he spent a lot.

Photo from Bloomberg Watch

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j said...

funsize mayor's definition of charity-spiteful philanthropy.

get lost bloomberger,and take marty and claire to bermuda with you.