Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cops play Santa for abused kids

From The Forum:

Officers from the 104th Precinct took it upon themselves to turn one Ridgewood family’s Christmas into a merry one.

After learning of how an abusive father’s rage was ruining the lives of his wife and four children, a handful of Queens cops came together to collect more than $1,200 in cash to keep the kids’ Christmas spirit alive.

Capt. Christopher Manson told the story of Sgt. Martha Lequerica and Officer Nicholas Cadavid, who spearheaded the efforts to give new meaning to the holidays for the family, including the 5-year-old son left bruised and stitched from a beating. He said officers responded to the family’s calls of abuse and poor living conditions, which were later validated when they found children forced to sleep on the floor.

“They had nothing,” Manson said. “The crammed conditions there were immeasurable.”

Without skipping a beat, Manson said his officers started raising money throughout the precinct with hopes to better the lives of the beaten 5-year-old and his three siblings from 2-months-old to 11-years-old. Within hours, the precinct was able to raise over $1,200 and counting with help from the Det. Thomas Bell of community affairs as well as the domestic violence desks.

“He was an abuser,” Bell said. “He abused his children and his wife.”

Just the precinct’s crossing guards alone were able to raise more than $300 to help make the family’s holiday season a bit brighter, Manson said.

The captain said officers made deliveries over the weekend, bringing the children an assortment of items purchased with the money including a car load of Christmas toys, bunk beds, blankets, pillows, winter clothes, snow boots, chocolates and more.

“We’re just trying to improve the life of one family right now,” he said. “I think it’s going to make a significant improvement. Cops do a lot of good things”


Anonymous said...

Great job guys, I hope you put the dirtbag in jail for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the same precinct where a man had a seizure and as a result of it died while being in a holding cell?

The nature of his arrest was something to the effect of him harassing a Sergeants wife?

Queens Crapper said...

No one has died at the 104th precinct in recent history that I am aware of. And why would you bring up something like that?

Anonymous said...

And thus marks the one day a year the 104 actually did *anything*, so i guess they met their quota.