Saturday, December 14, 2013

New police academy almost finished

From the Queens Chronicle:

The opening of the new $656 million Police Academy, originally scheduled for this month, has been pushed back until next year. No date has been set.

Final construction activities on and around the site are continuing, according to Craig Chin of the city’s Department of Design and Construction.

The largest building in the Phase 1 work is a seven-story academic facility, which will include classrooms, a fieldhouse, a running track, gyms, a pool, a dining area and tactical areas with an office and a subway car for training.

There is also a two-story physical training building and utility structure.


Anonymous said...

Great - could we spend a little more to train these nasty morons?

Maybe a little more training on how to arrest people for minor offenses while ignoring the big problems in the city?

NYC leads the country in pot arrests. I don't even smoke it but that is just a total waste of cops' time and taxpayers' money.

Someone (Bloomberg?) has heavily invested in the privatization of the prison system. Follow the money. It always leads to the truth.

Anonymous said...

With that soft wetland under there, I'll bet it's already beginning to sink.

Alan said...


AND the 800 pound gorilla in the room?

A great increase in traffic in an already congested area right off the Whitestone Expressway!!!

Let's not forget the College Point Garbage Transfer Station will attract loads of truck traffic as well.


j said...

655 million?the city now has the same spending habit for the nypd,like the pentagon.Fitting,since our police force has become a division of the CIA in the infinite war on ideas.

consider how our trial-size mayor and greg kelly's dad hypes the nypd,why didn't they just make it an even billion?

On the bright side,if theBlaz keeps his promise and Bratton doesn't coast on his celebrity status,they hire competent trainers for the cops at the training palace,I mean facility

Anonymous said...

Great, just in time for the pols to move it again

Anonymous said...

You mean that's what all the new sewage is about? Maybe they should cut down on donuts

Anonymous said...

no public transit!?