Monday, December 30, 2013

Park wherever - it's Jamaica!

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens:

???????????????????????????????It amazes me how you report a violation such as ongoing illegal parking, in this case cars going up over the curb and sidewalk to park in front of or on the side of an apartment building and your complaint is closed several times as “no violation observed”. In the one case at 90-25 170th Street, not only is this a case of illegal parking in which the 103rd should be ticketing this vehicle, but it is a Department of Building violation as well as a NYFD violation since this vehicle is blocking the door of the apartment building.

But as usual in Jamaica, anything goes, people can do whatever the fuck they want and there is no enforcement of laws and a blatant lack of effort on city agencies to enforce quality of life here.

I even received a phone call from the 103rd yesterday afternoon and explained the situation (I guess they were tired of all my complaints), yet still nothing done.


Unknown said...

when you knock down a single story house and replace it with a dwelling for 12 people what do you expect to happen?

Joe Moretti said...

For those folks that have this issue in their community here is how you deal with this since this "illegal parking pad" issue known as "vehicle storage on residential property". Call 311 ask to speak to a 311 DOB, "vehicle storage on residential parking", category 55, non-conforming zoning.

DOB did tell me that this is not a priority on their list. Every agency says that about every issue you bring up. It seems nothing is a priority and hence why Queens looks the way it does.

Anonymous said...

They're renting out the parking spaces and not paying taxes on the income.

Anonymous said...

DOB is LAZY!! They are wrecking our neighborhoods by not enforcing laws.

How would it fly to park a car in Manhattan on the sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

In the financial district there are buildings with plazas created by deals to increase building height. Cars are illegally parked all the time in those plazas. Many have placards as well.

Joe Moretti said...

I think the person who stated "How would it fly to park a car in Manhattan on the sidewalk?" is referring to an actual neighborhood, not a plaza in the financial district, that is something totally district.

But that person is right, would you see this on the Upper West Side or Chelsea, people parking in the small space near the stoop of a brownstone, HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

Driving through Jamaica on Friday just after the snow storm, I saw one of the results of paving over front yards - there's nowhere for the owner to put the snow, so they just throw it in the middle of the street.