Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scarano makes peace with his past by hiding it

Back in 2007 scandal-plagued architect Robert Scarano was caught scrubbing his Wikipedia article.

Scarano has been in the news again recently, reinventing himself as a 'green architect' with a net-zero building in Brighton Beach. And coincidentally, two new Wikipedia users have taken an interest in his page (and only his page); information about Scarano's past violations and sanctions has been pushed to the bottom or deleted entirely.

These new Wikipedia users - Erikabogner and Exineb - are the same person -- Erika Bogner, a Brooklyn "creative consultant" and "social media manager". Her list of clients includes (surprise) Scarano.

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Erika said...

Hi, I am the user you reference. I am working on the Bright 'n Green project, though I did pitch a blog design a couple years ago specifically for Scarano Architects which you link in this post. The wikipage referring R. Scarano Jr, the developer of Bright 'n Green, had not been recently reviewed and edited sufficiently and was loaded with citations having dead links or no links at all, project standings that were no longer current and the acknowledgments and awards having largely been deleted, were also out of date (for award verification see here: There has also been further editing since I have added to it, such as the initial intro paragraph and project image updates by other users that from looking at their history are involved in a lot of page updates as well as this bio in specific. Since I am new to wikipedia content I've also had the help of moderators along the way.
I hope this helps, please feel free to contact me regarding anything further.