Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Still slow going on Q58

From the Forum:

Have any Q58 riders had a hard time getting to work lately? Or wherever they need to go?

Chances are, according to a report released last week, they have.

The bus that runs from Ridgewood to Flushing was named the slowest bus in Queens by the New York Public Interest Research Group Straphangers Campaign and Transportation Alternatives last week.


Anonymous said...

Keep shoehorning more and more people into the already bursting at the seams neighborhoods of Queens, and keep allowing each household to own three or four cars each. Even the best buses with the most experienced drivers won't be able to navigate our overcrowded streets and improve bus times.

Queens Crapper said...

Having taken that bus many times, I can tell you it's that there are not enough of them. There are hordes of people all along the line getting on and off at nearly every stop. Stopping every 2 blocks from Ridgewood to Main Street is therefore going to be slow. The limited service is not much better.

Joe said...

1:45 to go from Ridgewood to Flushing and most the riders nasty hygiene issues.
I remember it used to take under 45minuts.
The $30 Rolex watches are sold out on main street.

Anonymous said...

They should improve the express bus service in the area. People don't care about the local buses because most of the riders that ride them are the scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

How about a turn-off in Maspeth at Grand Avenue to the LIE to Flushing Meadows. Let the Limited Bus do that. Traffic engineers should have figured that out years ago.

Anonymous said...

The 58 was a nightmare ages ago. No shock is not improved.