Sunday, December 15, 2013

New pilings needed for new boardwalk

From the Daily News:

The 90-year-old concrete and steel pilings that once held the Rockaway Boardwalk survived Hurricane Sandy only to be done in by decades of salt.

The new boardwalk that’s going to be built in coming years will have to be supported by new steel pilings, officials said Wednesday.

Tests show the existing pilings are saturated with salt and would likely need pricey maintenance or repairs within the next 20 to 40 years, said Greg Clancy of the city’s Economic Development Corp.

“It would be bad practice to build a new several-hundred-million-dollar boardwalk and know it’s only going to last 20 or 40 years,” he said during a briefing at the office of Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski in Forest Park.

Reusing the pilings would cost anywhere from $30 to $60 million, depending on damage. Building new steel, epoxy-covered pilings will cost between $35 to $45 million.

Parks officials are hoping they can just build on top of the old piles. Removing them would be a costly and time-consuming process.


j said...

those things have been exposed for more than a year and they just figured this out?

its too bad hipster crap food stands weren't on every entrance on the boardwalk,the whole thing would have been complete by now.

Anonymous said...

Well come on then. Start rebuilding it already. It's been over one year since Sandy! New Jersey already replaced theirs in record time!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the Long Beach boardwalk was built faster than the Rockaway Board walk?

Is it just a matter of Rich Longisland vs Poor City thing?

Anonymous said...

$% million for the work, $40 million for graft, kickbacks...

Anonymous said...

Crapster food concessions that could have been run out of trucks.
(Crap + hipsters = Crapsters)

this is just another way to drag their feet. the boardwalk pilings survived the hurricane after all.

tear down the $2 million dollar trailers and rebuild the boardwalk.

the Hammels looters/drug dealers/gang bangers don't care about the boardwalk. Hammels is the crown jewel in the NYC housing authority Projects Chain.

Rockaway is overloaded with three quarter houses,nursing homes. Projects, subsidized housing and Section 8, work advantage voucher tenants. Until the poor are all gone from Rockaway, they're not getting the boardwalk back.

Anonymous said...

See this