Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Curtis cries poverty

From the NY Post:

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa says he’s fallen back down to Earth and makes only a small fraction of his 2009 career-high salary of $688,000.

“Those were the days, when I was making that kind of money,” the law-and-order legend reminisced from the witness stand at Manhattan Family Court on Monday.

He’s on trial over child support payments for his special needs, 9-year-old son Anthony with his ex-wife Mary Sliwa.

He now lives with Queens Borough President-elect Melinda Katz and their 2- and 5-year-old sons.

The crime-fighter turned radio talk show host says he can’t afford the $12,000-a-month he’d been paying to Mary because his salary was slashed to $120,000 at the end of last year.

“I can no longer do that. I don’t even make that,” Sliwa told The Post during a break in the proceedings.

He is also paying child support to Katz, per a 2011 agreement he made with his then-friend. The former City Councilwoman had their children through in-vitro fertilization using Sliwa’s sperm.

“Melinda Katz is squeezing him for every dime she can get,” said Mary’s attorney, Paul Siegert.

Katz is expected to take the stand on Wednesday.

Ooooh fun!


georgetheatheist said...

Queens used to be known as The Borough of Homes.

It's now known as The Borough of Freaks.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Everyone be honest. If this was pitched to you as a plotline for a movie or tv show, would you believe this?

Anonymous said...

Don't like Katz, but her image as an accomplished woman would improve dramatically if she dumped this clown.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for all those kids.

Anonymous said...

"The former City Councilwoman had their children through in-vitro fertilization using Sliwa’s sperm."
Why not the old fashion way? he can't get it up?

Anonymous said...

Whatta pair folks...the pasty faced developers' slut and the red beret uber ego.

"Kutis 'n Katz"! Sounds like a cartoon duo.

Well, waddaya expect from a 3rd rate burro like Queens?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Correction , George--
the real freaks are the voters of Queens--who we rarely see prominently pictured in the media.

They remain privately placid--relaxing in a bubble bath of ignorance.

Whew--what an image I just conjured up!
I wonder--did I out do myself on that one?

Anonymous said...

Why does he have to pay child support for children he lives with? Isn't that called being a family?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't she get called on the carpet for having an extra-marital affair? Everyone knows that's what it was.

Anonymous said...

That guy standing next to Sliwa looks like one tough dude.

When Sliwa made his "deposit", I don't think he was planning to live with or marry Katz - that's why they negotiated child support. But it's very unusual for a sperm donor to make support payments, since the recipient is usually just happy to have received the donation. In this case, they "fell in love" afterwards, but he's too stupid to re-negotiate the arrangement, and is making payments even though he lives with her and the kids. Is that the modern definition of a cuckold?

Anonymous said...

Too bad John Gotti, Jr.'s boys had such bad aim.

Coitus Sleezwa said...

Hey Melinda, that there's a thong I bought you for Chanukah. It's not a bra! You're supposed to wear it on your bummie not over your boobies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melinda

I would bet that he calls her "Mel", or maybe even "Sir"...

Anonymous said...

The child support lawsuit is for the child of his third wife, Mary Sliwa. He didn't have kids with wife one or two (Lisa Evers). Katz is not suing him (yet)

He might have been made impotent or infertile by being shot in 1990 or by prostate cancer in 2011.

At his age,59, many men are enjoying their grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't she get called on the carpet for having an extra-marital affair? Everyone knows that's what it was.

Oh please, Melinda is Orthodox. Especially around election time!

a former lover said...

Gag...I wouldn't want Curtis Sleaze-wa dip[ing his wick in me anymore.
Poverty? My ass ring!
I guess now he'll be living off of Melinda's money.

Joe Moretti said...

They are the Queens Kardashians.

georgetheatheist said...

Melinda, be the man that you know you really are.

Man up and resign before taking office.

Re-sign! Re-Sign!! RE-SIGN!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe - the Kardashians deserve to be insulted over many things, but not with that comparison.

Anonymous said...

She should resign.

The whole matter is an embarassment to the people who voted her in; her family and her children.

She should consider her children and the ridicule that they may have to face in the future.

The whole matter about how they were conceived and the manner in which it was done should be covered under some sort of "medical confidentiality".

Sad state of affairs.